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You might complain that you had a devil for a teacher but none comes close to my seventh grade English teacher nicknamed Mrs. Gulch. This teacher was so mean to me that I dreaded attending her classes. She not only humiliated me before my classmates, but also made me look bad before my parents. One day, I made a petty mistake in an assignment that she had given the class the previous day. Instead of asking me to revise the petty mistake, Mrs. Gulch gave me the whack of my life. I discovered later on that she had disagreed with a colleague, and that she had directed her anger and frustrations on me. As a result, I ended up hating both the teacher and her subject. This ordeal taught me a vital lesson that it is wise to correct one’s mistakes by telling him or her the mistake rather than applying force or corporal punishment. 

After beating the hell out of me, Mrs. Gulch went on and banned me from attending two of her classes that week. She told my classmates that she was using me serve as an example to those students who were careless when doing their assignments. During the two lessons, I was required to walk out of class the moment I saw her coming for her lesson. I believe that that was the worst week of my entire school life.

In addition to beating me up and sending me out of her class, Mrs. Gulch went further and wrote a disgusting letter to my parents. I was very infuriated with the letter’s content because it was full of lies. In that letter, the teacher claimed that I was rude, lazy, and a bad influence to other students. It was very saddening because this letter created a rift between me and my parents because they believed everything that teacher wrote.

Although Mrs. Gulch made my school life a living hell, I composed myself and did my best in her subject. In fact, I came top of class at the end of that semester. After my excellent performance, not on did she give me a present, but also apologized for her inhuman act against me. My performance was an eye opener to her because from then on, she started correcting her student’s mistakes in a professional manner.

My Worst Teacher. Custom My Worst Teacher Essay Writing Service || My Worst Teacher Essay samples, help

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