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Living religions is written by Pat Mary Fisher. It clearly supplies an account of each of the world faith’s progress, set of guidelines, and practices. She inspects past upsurge and teachings of usual religions, native religions, and new religious movements. In the Chapter 9 of her book, she inspects the Christian religion practices which included the story of Saul of Tarsus.

Saul of Tarsus was a Roman citizen whose operation to wipe out Christianity. Their opinion on which the messiah is angered him. His story is described in the bible. He violently put to death or deposited into jail anyone who differed with him on the matter. Saul relentlessly single out Christians. One day, he saw a dazzling light polish brightly from heaven. While down, he heard Jesus call him and ask the reason as to why he was persecuting him. Saul asked who the Lord was and Jesus responded that he was the Jesus he was persecuting. Jesus added that Saul should progress into the city he was going.

 He would be given further orders from there. During the journey, Saul had company. These people did not heed any voice or notice any light. On waking up, Saul realized that he had been converted into blind. On getting to Damascus, where he was going, he meets up a man called Ananias. Ananias had obtained instructions from Jesus to go and refurbish Saul’s eye sight. Saul started preaching to people about Jesus from that moment.

Jews did not accept as true that Jesus was the Messiah. Being Saul, and a Jew, I do not believe in Jesus Christ. After the Jesus disclosed Himself to me on the way to Damascus, I ditched Judaism. My view about God totally transformed. I had the evidence that Jesus is alive although He had been crucified. Meeting and speaking to him in person washed away all possible qualms I had about who the Messiah truly is. Before knowing Jesus Christ, everything else I thought I knew was pointless. With all my high education, I lived in the darkness. I did not know the truth that Jesus was the resurrected messiah until He revealed himself to me. I hated Jesus and persecuted every person who believed in Him. Still, Jesus chose me. He does not discriminate. He loves and has a good plan for each and every one of us.  I used to force to make people deny Jesus. Regardless of the nature of my sins, Jesus saved me. That is when I realized that I was wrong. All the ideas I had about God were wrong. Therefore, I accepted Jesus as the savior of my soul. My mission changed from persecuting Christians to spreading the word that Jesus was the Messiah.

On converting from Judaism to Christianity, my life changed. Some practices were new, yet others were common with the Jews too. Both Christians and trust in a solitary God, the maker of the earth. Adapting to the concept of one God was easy although I had to believe in the Christian trinity. As per Jews, God is one. Christians believe that God is one but subsist as God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. While a Jew, I worshiped and believed that God is sanctified. Christians do this as well. Jews and Christians have a common stand on the ramifications of sins and most of the Bible’s Old Testament. I knew that there was a price to pay for my sins and I followed the Old Testament of the Bible.

Though, I had to make some important changes. First, my attitude towards Jesus made a U-turn. Jews believe that the Messiah has to be a person and not divine like Jesus. This contradicts most on who the messiah will restore. Before, I believed that he will specifically save Israel. The new Christian reading of Israel is every believer. As a Jew, I prayed and presented sacrifices to get pardon for my sins. On becoming a Christian, I had to believe that Jesus’ death on the cross paid for all my sins. I did not have to make any more sacrifices to be forgiven. This is not easy as I knew that only God could save me from my sins. Before, I did not believe in any heaven or hell. Christian believe that after life, all those who agree to Jesus will go to heaven while those who snub Him will go to hell.  Coming from a strict Jews background, this new information was not easy to fathom.  I had to understand and believe in the Christian heaven and hell.

 Adapting to Christianity was even harder because everyone knew my past reputation. Some even thought that I was trying to trick them. Also, non-believers Jews mistreated me the same way I did to believers. No matter what I went through, I pushed along. I had decided to go after Christ even if it meant dying. I did not miss anything from Judaism as now I was living in truth. I had received God’s salvation and found my function in life. Everything else I had been doing before did not matter to me at that moment. My new purpose was to teach the world about Jesus and none of this had anything to do with Judaism.


Saul had a mystic bump into Jesus that changed his life. He used to harass all who believed that Jesus was the Messiah. He switched from Judaism to Christianity. The two religions had their differences but Saul continued to serve Jesus. He had decided to devote his life to Christ who saved Him. He spread the gospel of Jesus and lived a Christian life. Saul did not look back. He continued to learn and educated people about Christianity.

Saul of Tarsus. Custom Saul of Tarsus Essay Writing Service || Saul of Tarsus Essay samples, help

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