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My professional experience as an attorney includes both judicial clerkships, as well as

in-house counseling. After getting out of law school, I worked as a judicial clerk for both the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court of J. Due to the fact that I served as a member of a commercial law section, I mostly reviewed cases concerning business, corporate and commercial issues. I researched and analyzed relevant laws of the United States and provided comparative analysis between US and J law on relevant issues raised by appellate cases.

My experience as an in-house counsel at S has provided me with the chance to enhance my insight and professional knowledge in the field of investment management in particular, as well as in the financial sphere in general. I reviewed and drafted various legal documents with respect to financial transactions, including, but not limited to, credit, equity, and interest swaps based on the ISDA Master Agreement and Schedules. In addition, I handled litigations in foreign courts, including courts of the U.S. and Hong Kong, and have been involved in the settlement negotiations with court-appointed liquidators and trustees of counterparties, following a bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and Berard Madoff. These works involve legal responses to allegations declared against investment funds, including claw-back actions brought by the overseas hedge fund, Fairfield Sentry Ltd.

Furthermore, my experience as a summer associate at two of the most prestigious law firms in Korea enabled me to have a broad understating on a wide range of legal issues, as a consequence of legal research and drafting of memorandums on various legal issues. With a strong desire to work in K, I firmly believe I am a good candidate for the position.


Since the purpose and vision of K is to enhance the sovereign wealth through investment in diverse foreign assets, I believe that my work experience, and most of all the positions of responsibility I have held in the relevant field as an in-house counsel, will be of great benefit to the business of this organization.

Most importantly, I will be able to handle day-to-day corporate legal affairs in a way to control potential legal risks and institute measures to prevent future litigations or disputes. I have a profound experience in reviewing and drafting financial transaction and investment related legal documents. I believe that the ex-ante legal risk management is very important for an investment company such as K. In addition, I can also handle legal disputes and oversee litigations based on my work experience in dealing with investment-related litigations. If given a chance to serve your esteemed institution, I believe that my experience and expertise would bring significant contributions to K.

My Professional Experience. Custom My Professional Experience Essay Writing Service || My Professional Experience Essay samples, help

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