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A Visit to San Diego Youth Service Agency

Youths in this country are faced with numerous challenges in their lives. To address some of the challenges facing this group in the society various players, government, and non-governmental organizations have come up with various programs. There are many such agencies which offer specialized services to the youth all over the country. San Diego Youth Service is one of such agencies which deal with youth related issues. San Diego Youth Services   is a non-profit making charitable institution founded in South California. The organization is nationally recognized as a comprehensive humanitarian body which serves the youth who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. The organization offers professional help to the young people who are described as high risk in all the fourteen major places in the county of San Diego. The organization vision is to have a community where the young people are given an opportunity to realize their potential and at the same time grow intellectually. The organization aims at helping the disadvantaged youth to overcome their challenges and build a community where everyone despite the odds can achieve their maximum potential in life. The organization truly lives to its mission and vision since it has been able to achieve greater heights in helping the youth achieve their highest potential (San Diego Youth Services, 2011).

Mission Statement

San Diego mission statement tells what the organization is all about. Anyone reading the mission and vision for the first time will get a very clear picture of the kind of activities undertaken. The mission statement clearly states that the organization is involved in serving the youth and their families. It further goes to state that they do not only deal with any kind of youth but they focus in serving those young people who are at risk. The organization aims to make these young people sufficient so that they can be in a position to reach their highest potential (San Diego Youth Services, 2011).


The organization has been in existence for the last forty one year’s having been founded in 1970.The organization was launched in 1970 when a group of volunteers established a shelter for the youth who were homeless (San Diego Youth Service, 2011).

Basic Services Offered

The organization provides services which are aimed at empowering the youth, strengthening families, recognizing and valuing diversity among the youth and establishing partnerships which are collaborative as far as youth activities and services are concerned. These services are geared towards uplifting the disadvantaged young people so that they can lead healthy and decent lives. The organization has rescued the homeless and neglected youth and sheltered who cannot afford decent shelter. It provides counseling and financial assistance among other programs so as to meet its goals of alleviating poverty and hopelessness among the youth (San Diego Youth Services, 2011).

Specific Program Components Provided by the Agency

In general terms, the organization provides services to the youth and their families in order to help them grow in an environment where they will adopt positive behavior therefore becoming responsible persons in the society. One of the services which are offered by the organization is the adoption support; this program has been running for the last 13 years. It has been providing services to the families who are interested in adopting a foster youth or those families which have already adopted a young person. The program involves offering psychological and financial assistance to the families as well as adopted foster youths. This helps to build bonds which enhance healthy relationships in the families (Tibbitts and Allingham, 2011).

The agency is a home to one of the most established foster family in the county of San Diego. The private institution was started in 1976 with an aim of offering treatment to youth at risk. Since its inception the program has become a fully fledged agency which offers treatment geared foster care to adolescents who have had backgrounds which have made them vulnerable hence the need of an intensive therapeutic care. The foster care finds, certifies, and supports foster parents who are taking care of the disadvantaged youth while at the same time it works on finding long term solutions such as reunifying them with their families. The agency has provided services to more than 1000 foster youth in the San Diego community (San Diego Youth Services, 2011).

The Limitations of the Agency’s Services

The agency has various challenges such as funds. It relies on well wishers and volunteers to support its program. It has few staff members, most of whom work at the management level. The agency has a budget which most of it goes towards supporting programs and a mere 13 per cent is allocated for administrative purposes. The eligibility criteria as far as those who are supposed to benefit from the funds or services are well elaborated. The young people and children who are disadvantaged in the society qualify to be assisted by the agency. The agency looks for these people in the society or in some cases they are referred from various sources within the San Diego County (San Diego Youth Services, 2011).


A visit to San Diego youth service agency was an eye opener. I learnt many aspects of the youth service as well as the contribution it has on the society and the country at large. The kind of services offered here goes a long way in alleviating problems affecting the disadvantaged youth in our society. The services help the young people to achieve their highest potential and therefore become responsible and constructive members of the society.

Agency Visit Youth Service San Diego. Custom Agency Visit Youth Service San Diego Essay Writing Service || Agency Visit Youth Service San Diego Essay samples, help

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