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My experiences in college have provided an avenue for a proper understanding of apology of Socrates and Crito. As a scholar, I am presented with different situations that call for critical thinking. The process that follows necessitates the right decision-making, as the consequences may affect other people as much as it may affect me. It follows that I am frequently faced with situations that are similar to those of the influential philosopher, Socrates. This essay will focus on the experiences of a college scholar, and provide a deep analysis of these experiences in regard to the life and experiences of Socrates.


Socrates at the end of his life claims that he has been devoted to the pursuit of human wisdom and excellence. In a similar way, humans work in pursuit of excellence in other different fields of operation. For instance, engineers work tirelessly to come up with machines that will ease the life of humans. It is such endeavors that contribute in the success of man. More practically, different legends shaped the manner in which humans regard various values and virtues. For instance, Martin Luther King Junior derived his fame from his efforts in delivering the world of racism. He was devoted to the pursuit of deliverance of humans from the practice of racism.

When considering how to pursue my goals, I can derive various lessons from both Apology and Crito. From Socrates’ Apology, I learn to be responsible of my own deeds.  Socrates’ defense in a court of Athens was entailed acceptance of his wrong doings, creating the basis for apology. This teaches me to embrace humility, not only in a court of law, but also when am in a quarrelsome situation.  From Crito, I learn to appreciate the ideas of other people. This entails foregoing my own interests in favor of other people’s principles. Crito offered Socrates a good opportunity to escape in case he was condemned to jail. Even with Socrates’ refusal, Crito still defended Socrates in court, citing Socrates’ willingness to stay true to the laws of his nation (Hubin 2). Crito’s way of going about other people’s interests is positively influential to my life. It helps me to distinguish the right choices I should take in order to achieve my goals in life.

Experience from college

As a scholar, I am presented with tricky situations, some which provoke thought, and others that necessitate action. Considering that the scope of seriousness of these matters varies, I have to know the right action to take. This implies preparedness for consequences of my decisions. For instance, if I encountered a fight between my friend and another individual, I would not be quick to aid my friend in conquering his opponent. I would first ensure calm, and then engage dialogue until the matter is solved. I would not expect a peaceful conversation, and it would be up to me to ensure that each person’s view is respected. I would seek relevance of every decision that would be arrived at, in order to arrive at a lasting solution. This is in accordance with Socrates’ manner of going about dialogues, where he would give reason in defending his opinions and positions in an argument (Plato 11).


The experiences of Socrates in the last days of his life are relevant in helping people to go about situations that present to them everyday. As humans, we ought to focus on making the best out of our own challenges. As scholars, our actions should be influenced by relevance, rather than selfish deeds.

Experiences at College. Custom Experiences at College Essay Writing Service || Experiences at College Essay samples, help

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