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The “One Piece” Figure and What it Represent. Custom The “One Piece” Figure and What it Represent Essay Writing Service || The “One Piece” Figure and What it Represent Essay samples, help

I remember that day very well, it was on 13th May 1999; we woke up so early so that we could reach the venue at the right time and get the front seats, getting the front seat meant that we could get the “limit items” first. Grandfather was still asleep when I went to wake him up. The previous day we had gone to visit my cousins and so we had arrived home late and tired. My grandfather was a little bit more tired taking his age into account. I arrived at his door and knocked, there was no answer, this made me worried. At first I thought he had forgotten about the whole event and what it meant to me. I felt so angry and betrayed by the very person I needed most, all this time my mind was running up and down trying to find the reason as to why all these things were happening to me. The previous night we had talked through and prepared everything, how we were going to face that special day. It was a special day for me and he knew it, and therefore finding his door still locked meant that were going to get late. After minutes of knocking the door, I almost gave up and contemplating leaving when I felt someone patting me on my back; I turned to see who it was.” Grandfather! ” “You are already awake?” I shouted joyfully as tears of jubilation twinkled down my fatty insolents.

My grandfather had already woken and had even dressed up ready for the event, all of a sudden the fear and feeling of betrayal I had, ceased and I was happy once again. One needs to know that my grandfather and I were so close that you could even think he was my father. One thing I liked about him was the fact that he always tried to make me happy even when my mood was down. At some point in time, he taught me how to ride a bicycle. He was always there to help me and was very proud of whatever positive thing I did. He did not forget to remind me each and every morning how important I was to him and that made me so close to him. Mother once told me that I resembled grandfather and I was pretty happy. Realizing that grandfather was already awake and ready, I felt that I was the one holding things aback and therefore rushed to the bathroom to quickly prepare myself lest we could get late. I even skipped breakfast so that we could get there on time. He got to his car and called me in.

We were somehow late for the event but then we were able to reach there, that was what was important to me. I knew that it was to be the day when Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong (ACGHK) were going to release for the first time a unique figure called “One Piece” and in addition to that it was going to be presented to the public by the person who had written “ One Piece” ,a cartoon play, that I liked so much. Any way we arrived and to my surprise people had already packed and that meant we were going to sit at the back and by that we were not sure if we were going to get “One Piece” that very same day.

My grandfather noticed that I was somehow demoralized and immediately came to my rescue. He encouraged and assured me that he was going to do whatever it would take to get me one of the figures, the reassurance eased my worries. We parked the car and went for the back seats. The event had not started, although the author was there explaining to a group of people the idea behind his works. Grandfather immediately held my hand and took me to clear vicinity where I could visualize and hear everything the author was saying. He explained so well what the characters were all about in the cartoon “One Piece”.

“Here is one of your true fans” grandfather shouted at the author. He had already lifted me high so that the author could see who it was. The author asked the multitude to pave way so that he could meet me. I went to the front and he was holding a pen which he later used to sign an autograph for me and then asked me to get back to grandfather. I was so excited.

Everything was ready and everybody was asked to sit down for a full speech by the author before the sale of “One Piece”. The speech was short and we were asked to form a queue so as to enable us buy the most coveted toy. We were far much behind, time passed so fast, paving way for darkness and so the event manager let everyone write their names on a list so that we could avail ourselves the next day for the “figure”.

Grandfather used to go and check whether he was going to get the toy each and everyday until the last day which was the seventh day since the event was held. My grandfather had been on the queue for a week so as to get me the toy. I really treasured the $1 HKD toy and though it was cheap then, it reflected how important grandfather was part of my life, and each time I looked at the toy, I remembered that day grandfather came home with the toy in his hand and handing it over to me. I was the happiest boy at that moment. Whenever I looked at that toy it reminds me of my grandfather. Its twelve years now and grandfather Is gone but I still hold at it like it’s him I am holding. I even made a safe where I put it before coming to America. The safe is so secure and I am sure the figure would not break or get lost again.

My friend tells me I could sell the “figure” at $8000 HKD but I can’t let it go. I am not that desperate to sell my “grandfather figure” for any amount. Before he died, he asked me to keep the figure safe with me so that it could remind me of him, and it’s for this reason that I can’t just let it go. I loved my grandfather just the way I love “One Piece”.

The “One Piece” Figure and What it Represent. Custom The “One Piece” Figure and What it Represent Essay Writing Service || The “One Piece” Figure and What it Represent Essay samples, help

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