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Life is made from experiences and the culmination of different moments and events. Some people said that we must experience challenges in life in order to be successful. Additionally, some people contend that challenges make and strong and prepare us for future experiences in life. For me, I strongly believe that the most important moment in my life was the summer camp that I joined when I was fifteen. This camp precipitated different things that altered the direction of my life. The camp was very interesting and it helped me in dealing with various relationship problems that I had.

                 Essentially, the camp took place in summer, July, when I was in tenth grade. It was an extremely sunny day. I had completed my remedial class at school and was headed home with some of the homemade sushi I had collected form a friends place. Everything appeared normal and serene until I went back home and my mum said” Hey son! I have already signed up a summer camp for you and you have no longer to reject again because this camp cost almost a thousand!”  My mother reiterated this statement and in calm manner and I could not foretell of any uncertainties. Soon, it dawned on me that I had to attend a computer competition, which was to take place on the fourth day of the camp. When I notified my mum, she said, “I don’t even care if you go to the competition or not, but at least you need to go to the camp for a few days because it’s a thousand dollars camp!” Indeed, I was devastated.

                 At the first day of camp, I felt like this was like a prison. It was like 50 miles from town, no shops and no restaurant. Nevertheless, these are not important factors. I immediately talked to the advisor “Can I leave at the middle of the camp because I have competition on the 4th day of camp?” She replied in a dissatisfied tone “Absolutely not! If you do that, you are going to miss out on various things.” At this point, I felt so hopeless and I didn’t know what to do as the competition was significant for my personal progress. I was convinced that I could find a way out of the camp. “Hey! Wait a second,” It reminds me of a particular TV show, Oh! Michael Scofield, could you tell me how to escape from the prison?

                 At the third day of the camp, we had several activities. You know what?, when I was on the way to the location where the activity was to be held, I noticed that most students were moving in the opposite direction. “Am I going the wrong way?” Upon arrival at the venue, I screamed” Oh my goodness! You guys are crazy!” There were two tall frames, I mean very tall, it is like three floor tall and there was just a wood connect these two frames. As I heard from the instructor, we need to walk on the wood from one frame to the other, the wood was like 8 feet long, and there were only a rope tied the wood. Finally, I managed to climb up to the top of the frame. However, when I was standing the starting point on the wood, my foot started shaking and it made the wood shook as well. While I was thinking of the possibility of falling or other things that make me fear, the assistant was sitting at the other side and he kept encourage me to do that. When I was walking, the assistant kept mentioning various motivation words; perhaps he wanted me to concentrate and focus on the issues at hand. Finally, I finished this adventured and was welcomed by applause and encouragement of students and assistants

                 At the fourth day of camp, I was extremely determined to pull a “Michael Scofield”. On that day, I woke up early and I went to the morning assembly on time. I knew that the instructors do not take roll call except during outdoor activities, so I left the camp while all assistant and instructor were preparing the equipment and students were waiting. I called a cap to the competition location and I had already given my equipment to my teammate before the camp because I already knew that I would not be able to leave this camp easily. I finished the competition in 3 hours because it was just the preliminary and our team had gotten to the final stage. Afterwards, I left my equipment to my teammates and took a cap back to the camp. When I arrived the camp, I found that they were still in the outdoor playground. There were also some regular outdoor activities and lecture. It was already 11:00pm and we were still having lecture. I have to say that it was the most boring lecture ever. While most of the students were falling asleep, the instructor suddenly threw his glass to the ground and the crushed sound had awaked all students from dream. Afterwards, the instructor gave a really touching speech about family; he said “we are all unique, because we are the only one from a million of cells, we must treasure ourselves, treasure our family. At this moment, everyone were crying because we all felt regret that we had not treated our family well and always argued with them instead.

                 At the last day, the instructor invited all the parents to the camp to attend our graduation ceremony. Before delivering certificates, the instructor invited students to share their feelings at that moment in the stage. I raised my hand until the last minute because I am not a person who is well to talk in front of many people in a stage. “In this camp, I have learnt a lot especially from instructor, Mr. Wong, he gave a really touching speech yesterday and I learnt that family is the most important for all of us, so we should protect and treasure it. My family is sitting at that corner and I love you!” I said and run to my mum and hug her. This was probably the first time I said “I love you” to my family.

Now looking back my past, and recall my memories how I fear when I was walking on the wood at almost 10 meters tall and how I cried because of my family. After the camp, I understand and realize the importance of having family. In addition, I have learnt how to break fear through the rope activity.

Summer Camp. Custom Summer Camp Essay Writing Service || Summer Camp Essay samples, help

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