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In 2003, I worked at Holiday Inn. The main work involved dealing with customer needs and ensuring that these needs were adequately met. Satisfying consumers was the main goal in order to enhance consumer loyalty. The workplace was employee friendly and I looked forward to each and every day’s activities. The executive in charge gave us enough opportunities in the different departments so as to ensure that we were all rounded employees in the future. He always notified me of my mistakes making sure that I was becoming more experienced by the passing of each day. It gave me the impression that one can retrieve joy from performing their duties in order to attain the set standards. However, it was clear that following instructions was of great importance to being successful in any workplace. Given the fact that this was my first job, my colleagues were patient and helped me learn all the necessary tactics in order to climb up the ladder.

The management of the company was extremely cooperative. The main goal and objective of the organization was to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. The various managers in each department performed their roles extemporary well. The human resource manager kept each employee motivated through the continued implementation of the performance reward system. This gave each employee the urge and desire to meet the set goals in order to receive the extra enumeration as a reward.

The competence of the employees was evident through the decisions that each of them made when faced with difficult situations. The continued competence kept everyone on the move in being able to make decisions that were best suited to improve the productivity of the organization. The delegation of some tasks by seniors to their juniors ensured that everyone got the training required to be competent in the job market. It was overwhelming to be involved in the decision making of some issues. This was usually when seniors and managers of the various departments sought opinions of what the rest of the team members. This taught me that it is always vital to involve juniors in running of the organization as some of them may have exuberant ideas that would increase the productivity of the company.

I learnt how to stand up for what I believe in irrespective of the intimidation that I may feel due to the seniors in the organization. This was especially the case in matters related to ethics. The code of ethics is always very clear. This implies that the decisions that one makes in the workplace should be guided by this code. Therefore, I learnt that I had a right to voice the fraudulent activities of seniors in the organization provided they were on the wrong. This helped me grow as an individual and also as an employee. It helped me in attaining self-esteem and being able to stand firm in the decisions that I make.

Though the job at Holiday Inn ended after a period of five years, it taught me a lot of new things. It helped me build my career. It helped me gain experience in my career path.  After losing my job at Holiday Inn, I was devastated. However, I was able to overcome this because of the continued experience at the organization that had made me stronger. I hang on to the development I had achieved over the five years I worked there. I have since acquired some other employment. My experience at Holiday Inn played a crucial role in ensuring that I was able to work towards success and positively deal with failures. I made use of this experience after losing my job.

This was my best job experience ever. I look forward to work in another workplace and put my earned skills into practice. I learnt that upholding moral ethics and meeting consumer needs is the backbone of enhancing success in any organization. Valuing the contributions of each employee is also central to a good workplace environment. This increases productivity in the organization. In the end, the set goals and objectives of the firm are unanimously attained.

Changing Moment in My Life. Custom Changing Moment in My Life Essay Writing Service || Changing Moment in My Life Essay samples, help

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