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Music has a great role in entertaining and educating people in the society. The value of music in the society cannot be underestimated. Towards this, great composers like Johannes Brahms played a significant role not only in entertaining people but also in foundation and the development of music.

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I have selected Johannes Brahms as a music composer because I like classical music. In addition, Johannes Brahms is an interesting and insightful music composer who introduces us into the world of music and old classical music artists. This composer forms a very important foundation not only to music enthusiasts but also lays foundation on which the current and future music is based. Johannes Brahms examines some of the principles of creating good music. In addition, the artist is very important in creating different music and is famous for his societal impact on the world of music.  Brahms is globally celebrated as a great composer of different genres especially in classical music that has great aesthetic value to the human race.

Johannes Brahms’ Role in the Development of Global Music

Johannes Brahms’ music contributed to the growth of music and poetry. His classical rhythm and style inspired many artists who took over after his time came to an end. Johannes Brahms mostly contributed to the rise of classical music. A critical examination of Brahms’ works leans towards Beethoven’s writing genre. Brahms’ writing genres were mostly associated with Beethoven. He immensely contributed to the growth of symphony and the concerto as well as piano music.

Just like Mendelssohn, Brahms got a good musical training in classical music based on   the works of Bach and Beethoven. Johannes Brahms was interested in German folk music that made him venture into real classical music combined with several folksongs. Brahms' works were influenced by Beethoven’s style.

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Brahms' works are seen as the essence of the conservative romantic line of composers unlike the radical romantic group led by Liszt, Wagner, and Berlioz  (Musgrave, 1994). The conservative romantics were led by Brahms’ preference to the past; for instance, that of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Brahmas wrote his works in classical-period forms, for example, sonata form which is an absolute music. Due to this, his music did not tell a story or paint a given scene but presented aesthetic value of music.

Brahms’ Personality

The personality of an individual is pivotal in analysing one’s success. This is because personality shows a direct relationship to inspiration and musical works. Brahms was a reserved person and displayed elements of conservative principles. This can be attested by the fact that his works leaned towards conservative classical music. Brahms liked nature so much that he often walked in the forest around Vienna. In addition, he loved children. Brahms was an incredible perfectionist, an aspect which made him take a lot of time before producing his first symphony. It is possible that the first of his composition was not really the first one since he was known for destruction of the completed music compositions that failed to meet his set standard of quality. Brahms was a calm person whose mastery of music was immensely great. This made him famous and had an influence on many people. Brahms’ perfectionism principle made his works great and inspiring. In addition, it created a firm foundation for the current and future artists and composers.

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In conclusion, Brahms was a great composer whose works are still respected and valued globally. It is, therefore, important for current music composers to learn from the likes of Brahms. This is because a composer such as Brahms had a rich knowledge of music which can be tapped by taking time to learn his works, personality, and inspirations.

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