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Musical presentations are important performances that do not only display the skills of the musicians but are also able to make definite indications as to how the said performers are able to emotionally relate to the pieces that they are presenting the audiences with. Truthfully, it could be seen that there are indications of differences when it comes to the definition of the musicians with regards the arrangements that they are playing which could be seen through the actuations that they pose which directly relates to the tones and the rhythm that they are presenting. To be able to present this particular truth, an indicative analysis of the said presentations shown through the video online shall be handled through this paper.

Analysis of Presentations

The concertos presented through visual video viewing in this paper are both composed of three sets. The first concerto has been situated in a Victorian arranged home that likely gave a classy feel to the presentation. On the other hand, the other concerto was presented as a live performance on stage. Both featuring the violin, these concertos are noted to have a differentiated manner of presenting the music due to the fact that they were taken in two different set ups.

The first concerto which involved of the Affettuoso and the Allegro musical arrangements gave a homey feel that made the entire presentation a relaxing sense of understanding how classical music has been presented then and how that presentation is differentiated from now. The dress up of the presenters was just right and added up to the cozy feel of the entire concerto.

On the other end, the other concerto which was presented as a live on stage performance could be seen to have a larger impact when it comes to experiencing actual on-stage presentation. It involved more background musicians that made it harder for the soloist to stand out in the presentation. This though has been a differential factor that dictates its complexity compared to that of the other concerto which was held in a cozier area. The first concerto took only four to five backups making it easier for the soloist to stand out and the background musicians to create a definite blending that makes a great sense of pushing the soloist right at the center of attention. However, in this arrangement, it could be noticed that one mistake by a single musician from the background could actually ruin the whole presentation, whereas on the second concerto where an orchestra supports the soloist makes a greater chance of supporting whatever mistakes the others may have as the mistaken musician’s sound could be better drowned by the other performing musicians.

When it comes to the movements of their body and the facial expressions of each musician, it could be noticed that each of these actuations are basically affected by the rhythms and the tunes that they are playing. Based on the videos that have been observed, the video in Allegro presents a rhythmic cycle that was proved through the repetitive expressions of the musicians’ faces and the responses that they pose through their hand motions. The tempo variance in the play also presented a cyclic change of reaction on the part of the expression of the musicians. The fluidity of the beat is likewise showcased with through their stance and their body movement.

On the part of the Affettuoso presentation, the emotional solemnity of the play is displayed in their stance. A somewhat solemn ambiance further enhances the concerto’s presentation. Meanwhile, the Presto presentations have been handled by the musicians’ in a rather sharp and quick motion that is displayed with their movement towards the tune and the rhythmic imposition of the arrangement being interpreted. The alternating cadence beat between the foreground and background music at the concerto as likewise presented in the stance and movement of each musician playing when it is already their turn to provide the beat. The Andante musical performance there is a general moderate cadence in their movement in relation to their beat. The musicians likewise display a simultaneous characteristic to their reaction in line with the harmony of the notes that they are playing.

Truthfully, the different elements that are serving as background support to music presentations have been seen through these videos as the main sources of interest when it comes to the reaction of the viewers towards the said performances. Basically, the body and facial expressions of the musical players add up to the interpretation that they are making for certain musical arrangements that they are expected to play in front of the public. Truthfully, it could be noted then that besides the music itself, these background indicators of contribution to the intensity of the presentation when it comes to handling the arrangement of the music they choose to present.

From the presentations viewed for this paper, it could be seen how background elements support the entirety of the performance. Getting along together and handling all the different matters of consideration into close attention is basically one of the most important factors that makes the musical interpretations more interesting and is thus much able to define the music being presented. Besides that, the expressions and the movements of the musicians are also able to help the audience identify what particular musical arrangement is being performed. May it be solemn or quite upbeat, the musicians show particular reactions towards the tone and the rhythm that they are playing making their emotional understanding of the music much better manifested to the listeners during the performance.


In concertos, as observed in this paper, music is not the single element that creates audience interest. The background, the auditory effects and the support musicians provide a huge sense of contribution as to how the entire presentation could be accepted and appreciated by the listening audience. Being able to make a good presentation for the listeners to enjoy is a definite source of definition of the musical arrangement used for a concerto’s completion. Truthfully, being able to balance all these elements into one major collective performance creates a more implicating resource that makes it easier for the listeners to identify the kind of music being presented to them. The choice of whether or not to use a small group of musicians in the background or consider an orchestra for support music depends on the soloist. Basically, choosing the right group of background music shall define whether or not the blending of the instruments would create fine music or not. 

E-Concert Report. Custom E-Concert Report Essay Writing Service || E-Concert Report Essay samples, help

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