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Human expression is one of the most important matters that separates human individuals from that of the other creations. More than just a necessity for communication, human expression opens up a new promise of being able to satisfy one’s self through becoming more vocal about a person’s understanding of life. These expressions made by one person practically affect the thinking and the personal perceptions of others. How is this particular transfer of understanding made possible? Through utilizing the different mediums of expression, it could be observed that humans are much able to create possibilities that enable them to express themselves. Among the mediums human individuals use today are those of music and art. As artistic as these forms of expressions are, they all provide the needed consideration that a person needs to identify the role that he takes as he presents himself at the gleam of social appreciation.

If carefully observed, it could not be denied that art and music goes well together. AS for a fact, there are some songs that have been produced due to the existence of one particular art work. Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night has been noted to be the base source of the song “Vincent” by Don Mc Clean. Another is that of the Rap music that are usually related to graffiti which are observed as particular acts of rebellion or simply the expression of the youth with regards the understanding that they have upon the world and the different things that are existing in it. Another example to take is that of the modern art which usually hosts the presentation of the different elements of human living that are all related to how humans handle the different emotions that they are usually fronted with. Basically, these facts note the existence of proper connection and relation that music has with art.

VINCENT VAN GOGH: Starry Night/Don Mc Lean (Vincent)

GRAFFITI: Usually Related with Rap Music

Modern Art [Abstract]:

Shows the Elements of Classical Music which are usually considered to refer to sensual music especially relating to saxophone playing.

Surely, through these examples, it could be clearly seen how music and developmental art go along well together. The question is why is this so? Expressing one’s mind through music requires imagination, at some point, this level of imagination and creativity do not simply get expressed through words and lyrics, sometimes, there is a need to show the said themes through art [this explanations goes well when describing the other way around]. Basically, the splashes of colors connected to the rhythmic tunes and melodies define the perfect chance of handling music and art in a much balanced manner that brings about the creativity that is in humans.

For many years, both music and art have been evolving denoting the fact that humans too are practically evolving towards a more sophisticated generation that could now even produce modern moving art. Through the help of technology, both music and art altogether have already evolved into a different level of concentration that do not only express the thinking and the feelings of the human individuals but also mirrors the actual situations that are evidently seen in the society today. As form of human expression, these tools of definitive process of relating feelings and thoughts through different themes that indicate the utilization of creativity and imagination makes it easier for the human individuals to better impose themselves on making a good impression on how they are able to live life, how they are able to manage living and how they are able to contemplate with what the different options of that life itself presents them with. Yes, definitely through examining the development of both art and music, an understanding of human evolution could also be recognized which obviously points out the connection that each indicative form of expression has on the lives of human individuals at present.

Art and music. Custom Art and music Essay Writing Service || Art and music Essay samples, help

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