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“A Day in the Life” is an exciting, if not thrilling, rock music that took days of Paul McCartney and John Lennon –the Beatles- in composition of the music. The music was radical and controversial. The universal audience enjoyed and accepted this music, though at one point media institutions denied it airplay with belief that it was immoral. This paper will take you through brief history of “A Day in the Life”.

The Beatles composed this music on 18th day of December in 1966 after a series of events in the media. According to John Lennon, they derived the idea from lyrics of a local Daily, where a friend of the Beatles and successor to Guinness, Browne Tara, died in London after failing to observe the traffic lights, running his Lotus at a breakneck speed into an immobile van (Geoff 78). However, Paul insists that his idea did not concern the incident because he was thinking about a powerful politician involved in drugs and, thus, died after failing to see the changing traffic lights.

The other part of their lyrical story emanated from the Daily Mail again when it featured on 4,000 potholes on Blackburn and Lancashire streets. At this point, Paul and John infused the line ‘I‘d love to turn you on’ into the song with belief it was a better bit of work. Consequently, BBC thought it was the artists’ intent to explore sexual arena publicly (Geoff 134). Therefore, it denied them the airplay opportunity. The Beatles had to do the chord of the music on their own in Geoff Emerick studio. They tried nine good times to record the right chord of the song in the control room of the studio. Finally, the Beatles recorded three piano cords of the music on the 10th day of February in 1967.

A Day in the Life. Custom A Day in the Life Essay Writing Service || A Day in the Life Essay samples, help

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