Productive and Counterproductive Behavior Paper

In handling the different measures of modern business organization, human resource managers should be able to recognize that they are in need of facing the challenge of handling the differences and the intercultural complexities among the workers on organizations that provide the most comprehensive employment resources to employees today. One among the many issues that managers should give proper consideration to is that of the balancing management that they need to control the existence of productive and counterproductive behavior among their working team. However, just what does productive and counterproductive behavior pertain to? The discussion presented herein shall be closely pertaining to the explanation of what productive and counterproductive behavior is and how these matters should be practically given attention to be the managers of modern business and nonprofit organizations today.

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Practically it could be observed that productive behaviors practically note the existence of positive attitudes that the employees in a business organization posses. These positive attitudes are practically considered as the organizational asset that provides the entire group of employees working for the business a chance to grow towards progress and development. However, there are also some attitudes among employees that are most often than not expressing failure to the capability of the employees to work well with other individuals in the organization. These are considered as the counterproductive behavior among employees that usually promote complex situations of conflict among workers that demands the need for the managers to provide a more comprehensive way of handling the situations as they present themselves to the organization. Dealing with these issues successfully would practically provide the organization the strength it needs to be able to comprehend well with the need of having a stabilized system of dealing with issues of counterproductive attitudes among employees. To note, there are actually six primary counterproductive behaviors that most employees undergo through. One is that of aggression and another is that of substance abuse which are both considered affective on the process by which an employee is able to perform his or her assigned task at work. Being aggressive at some point usually imposes the chance by which an employee engages in several misunderstandings that causes halt on the different operational functions of the organization. Another is that of computer abuse which usually pertains to the unethical use of computers at work. This includes lean-time schedule while at the work area. Being non-cautious to how one utilizes the computer usually results to lost time and lack of control when it comes to the peak hours of the job due to uncompleted work during the lean hours (Armstrong, 2005, 67). Among the list also comes sexual harassment that imposes improper conduct towards the opposite sex. How then are managers supposed to deal with this matter? There are actually five separate steps that business organizers could use to assure that their organizational system of setting balance for the employees of the business is kept intact and practically away from failures contributed by counterproductive attitudes among employees. The said steps could be envisioned as follows:

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(a)Recognize the occurrence of a real problem (KGA, 2009, 67). Note that being able to see the problem is one thing but recognizing the fact that it exists are two completely different matters. Understandably, the differential state by which it is seen and recognized spurs out from the action taken to fix the situation. Only when a manager recognizes the occurrence of a situation shall he or she be actually motivated to face the issues successfully in a manner that would fix the problems in a manner that would create a better environment for the employees to work with.

(b) Document several examples to help the manager be able to handle the most needed discussions for the dissemination of the problem towards the employees involved in the situation being resolved.

(c)Discuss Performance Centered Changes (KGA, 2009, 78): Avoid pointing out too much on the attitude of the employees as this could likely promote insult among the employees working within the organization. Being able to prepare the discussion towards its focus on the performance improvement of the workers through barely touching on the personal reservations of personality among the said employees is an essential part of this motivational approach of management.

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(d)Consider the need to apply confidential counseling when needed (KGA, 2009, 79). It is essential that you would be able to find the most effective way of providing proper counseling to a problematic employee if needed. This means that if all the other procedures have already been taken into consideration and still changes do not happen, it is already high time for the manager to consider assisting the employee of becoming probably improved when it comes to their definition of proper performances.

(e) Provide progress monitoring report so as to note particular advancement made by the employee being assisted (KGA, 2009, 79).

It could be observed that the application of the five steps towards effective managing of counterproductive attitudes among employees at present could actually be expected to have essential effects on the process by which the entire human force of an organization intend to work towards the development of the business entity that they ought to empower (Mikulay, 2001, 67). The practical applications of these guidelines are expected to make a good definition of what employee motivation is all about.

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