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Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan. Custom Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan Essay Writing Service || Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan Essay samples, help

Ischemic Heart disease, Coronary Heart Disease and Coronary Artery Disease are all examples of Heart Diseases caused by atherosclerosis, which comes about as a result of deposits of fats in the coronary arteries. The coronary arteries function as suppliers of blood to the heart. Artheroma or build-u of plaque decreases the amount of blood flowing into the heart leading to such signs as chest pains, stroke or heart attacks, depending on the severity and the location of the blockage (Bianco, 2008). I am a person aged 25 years old and my family has been known to have a history for developing heart diseases and as a woman I am more susceptible to the coronary artery disease. This puts me at a high risk of having the disease develop in my lifetime.

The main objective of this paper is to come up with a practical personal nutrition and exercise plan that can be instigated within the next thirty days and sustained throughout he rest of my life as an attempt to maintain a normal blood pressure and reduce the chances of developing the heart disease in my life time. It is important to understand that undergoing such a plan does not mean that I will not be taking any medication if the condition manifests later in life but this means that this particular plan will significantly reduce the chances of developing he condition later in life. Several possible risks may occur if I do not stick to this plan therefore the development of this plan is very important. These risks vary from kidney diseases and vision problems to stroke and ultimately the development of the coronary heart disease (The American Heart Association, 2003). The development of this plan develops from the fact that I can several changes in my dietary habits as well as my physical fitness activities to prevent the possibility contracting coronary heart disease in future.

The goals to help me avoid the heart disease are divided into two categories: nutritional goals and exercise goals. The nutritional goals including eating doses of all food groups with a caloric intake of 1500 every day and loss of a few ponds.  The exercise goals include making sure that I sustain a 5 day per week exercise plan that will help me increase my strength and physique. These two goals will enhance reduced concentration of cholesterol in the blood and will assist in reducing the blood pressure that assist in reducing the susceptibility to coronary heart disease.

The nutritional plan will involve taking foods in all doses according to the recommended daily intakes including: 65 g of fat, 20 g of saturated fatty acids, 300 mg of cholesterol, 300 mg, of sodium, 4700 mg of potassium, a total of 300 g of carbohydrates, 25 g of fiber and 50 g of proteins. This will be achieved by taking five portions of whole grain, five portions of fruits and vegetables that are all none-fat or none-sugar, 15 cups of water, 200 mg of fresh juice or milk, two portions of lean meat and two or three portions of fish or chicken. All these foods are to be taken on a daily basis. Eating during breakfast will involve taking a weighty balanced meal complemented with a snack of whole grain and fruit salad for the tea break snack. Lunch should be taken in doses of balanced diet meals with a balanced light meal diet for dinner. The fibers taken will be soluble fibers which help reduce Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) levels in the blood or reduce greatly on the bad cholesterol. These soluble fibers will be taken in portions of five to ten grams on a daily basis and this is expected to reduce cholesterol by 5%. This can be found easily in one plate of oatmeal that contains approximately three grams of soluble fiber (Tsang, 2006) and can be taken as a simple breakfast. Other foods rich in soluble fibers and are easy to obtain include apples, pears, kidney beans and barley. Another good food to include in my diet to keep low levels of cholesterol is fish. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that are known to lower the LDLs and raise the High Density Lipoproteins (HDL). Such fish include tout, salmon and Mahi that are easily available and slightly cheap. I love them and they will help reduce my levels of blood cholesterol. 

The exercise plan involves a five day a week exercise plan that 5-6 am jogging for each of the first five days of the week that is coupled with running, athletics, weightlifting, sit-ups, volley ball and bike riding. The rest of the two days of the exercise per week involve 9-10 am jogging, weight lifting and sit-ups. This will help me to be a sportive and athletic individual with an increased awareness about my fitness and wellness. This will help me to lose weight and gain an acceptable BMI (Body Mass Index) that will not put me at risks of developing coronary heart diseases. To help me stick to this nutritional and exercise plan, I will be tracing the diet and the workouts by keeping a diary and joining events such as exercising with a partner (Yap, & Davis, 2008). The daily schedule of the exercise plans will be carefully planned out with the specific type of exercises that are to be done that particular day, where and how long they are to be done.

This personal nutrition and exercise plan will be checked by consulting a physician to make sure that it is practical at such a youthful age and taking into consideration other health factors. However, this plan might be limited by my kind of work since it involves a lot of travel and will affect my exercise plan severely. School is also an anticipated limitation to this plan as far as healthy eating is concerned since at school I eat conveniently because of the kind of food I can access. However, with all the efforts put towards adhering to this plan, I am confident that I will succeed with this plan.

Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan. Custom Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan Essay Writing Service || Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan Essay samples, help

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