Early Sexual Education

We are living in a time when sexual activity is at its peak. The country has suffered immensely with the rise of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and abortions. This, therefore, calls for the intervention of early sex education to salvage the horrendous situation. Sex education is a program in which the vulnerable children and youths are furnished with information about the actual act of sex. It also teaches ways in which one can avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies that may lead to abortion. Among the information provided to control early pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, are the use of contraception and through abstinence program.

In the United States, teenage girls conceive premarital pregnancies, which are unintended. The teenagers find themselves in this because first and foremost they believe that conception is rare and secondly they do not use contraceptives since they did not anticipate the sexual activity. Not only do the youths risk conception but also risk the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) by engaging in vulnerable sex. Such issues demand the necessity of teaching sex education from elementary school through high school.

Early sex education provides awareness on the consequences of engaging in sexual activities before marriage, for instance, contractions of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV AIDS, Syphilis and Gonorrhea, which are detrimental to ones health. It also enlightens one on the harsh realities of being a young mother, and the agony and consequences that abortion carries along with it among them death.

In my opinion, I do believe that sex education programs can benefit children and youth by enlightening them on harsh realities brought by sex. Sex education to these groups, therefore, should not be overlooked at any expense.



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