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Sensory adaptation. Custom Sensory adaptation Essay Writing Service || Sensory adaptation Essay samples, help

There are reasons why humans have sensory capabilities. The ability to hear, taste, smell, see and feel are all part of a wondrous design that makes life a colorful journey for every individual trying to experience the best out of the life that they are living with. Believably, it could not be denied that somehow, these sensory capabilities become adaptive to the environment that an individual lives with. What does this mean?

Basically, when a person gets involved with a certain sound, a certain smell or a certain feeling every day, he then gets properly adjusted to that matter thus making it easier for him to realize these matters as part of his everyday living already. Surely, this is a common factor that drives balance among humans today. In the context that follows, showing how the author of this paper experienced this particular sensory adaptation process shall be best presented through exemplary discussions.

The auditory sensory is somewhat considered as one among the most sensitive human senses. Being able to hear is an important matter to give attention to. Undeniably, for the author of this paper, the noise of the school corridor used to be such a nuisance during the first day of classes. It was like simply being placed within a pack of noisy mouths that simply irritates the ear. However, as days and weeks pass, this nuisance has already become a part of a daily experience that without it, it simply was not a complete day.

On the other hand, the sense of olfaction provides the author of this discussion to feel irritated by the smell of a fruit [specifically Durian; a tropical fruit] that is usually brought into the house by a family friend. The taste of this fruit though is amazing. At first, eating it with nose closed was the hardest thing to deal with, but because of the immunization that the author felt through time, being bothered by the smell has already been overcome by the author’s want of being able to taste the fruit itself.

On the part of the somasthetic sensory, there are times when the winter chills simply brings all the uneasy feeling of being cold and getting frozen up in the middle of the road because of the temperature that winter itself brings. However, later on, after several days of adjustment, even playing in the snow already becomes a normal fun that would soon be ended by the spring season.

These gradual adjustments that the sensory capabilities of human individuals have make it easier for people to live in accordance with their environment and the different elements that make it up. With this, it could not be denied that life becomes easier as the body itself intends to follow the trend of the environment evolving around humans. 

Sensory adaptation. Custom Sensory adaptation Essay Writing Service || Sensory adaptation Essay samples, help

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