Folk Remedies

Using home remedies for sicknesses is not just about the old wife tales of the earlier centuries. It includes different natural remedies that help reduce troublesome symptoms. A home remedy also includes home treatment with over the counter drugs with no doctor’s prescriptions. Our family has always used home based remedies for treating common ailments and especially cuts and bruises. This is a common occurrence in small children who like playing around with sharp objects. A common remedy for cuts and bruises my family often uses is application of grounded guild bud that is mixed with rum and bottled up in a tight container.

Using this method, you first of all need to collect any flower buds from any type of guild plant. The buds here should be gathered in peculiar state when they are still well swollen and are about to burst into leaves. Mix them any kind of rum in an air tight container. But for the best result, you need to use New England Rum. This is the kind of rum that my family uses and it acts fast on wounds and cuts. For the flower buds, my family preferred to use clover guilds. Pound the buds and put them into the bottle then pour in the rum and tighten the container or the bottle in this case. Leave the mixture for a while before using it to gain the power needed.

When administering ensure that the cut or the wound is cleaned up well, then cover the mixture of the guild bud with the rum in gum. My family would often use a chewed up gum so as to get rid of sugar. The wound that is covered with the gum is then left for two to three days undisturbed. The result is instant and as a result every family should have a bottle of it in their house holds to help cure wounds and cuts



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