Problems in Nursing

Professionals in the nursing profession experience a variety of problems that lead to ethical dilemmas. Some of the problems that nurses face include staffing crisis, wrong medication orders, inappropriate tasks, inadequate training, just to mention a few (Hein, 2001). These problems do not allow nurses to meet the needs of their patients adequately. Nurses experience ethical dilemmas because of the failure to meet their patients’ medical needs adequately (Cherry & Jacob, 2011). This discussion will consider wrong medication orders as among the problems that nurses experience in their profession.

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Wrong medication orders may include errors in medical dosages, as well as medication for wrong illnesses (Daniels, 2004). Patients will be unsafe because of wrong medication orders, which may lead to overdose or lack of cure. Overdose or lack of cure may lead to the death of patients (Daniels, 2004). Nurses should challenge the wrong medication orders from physicians for the safety of their patients. However, nurses experience an ethical dilemma when they go against the wrong medication orders (Cherry & Jacob, 2011). It is extremely necessary for physicians to carry out their tasks accurately to avoid giving wrong medication orders. When the medication orders are accurate, nurses will accomplish their tasks of meeting the needs of patients. Therefore, the problems that nurses encounter in their profession may hinder the adequate and appropriate delivery of medical services. Studying the problem will help nurses understand how to address the problem once it occurs in the course of executing their tasks (Cherry & Jacob, 2011).

In conclusion, problems in nursing are likely to hinder the correct treatment of patients. This is because nurses do not want to violate the nursing rules and regulations that they acquire during training and nursing practice. Violation of the nursing rules and regulations, such as rectifying the wrong medication orders, will lead to ethical dilemmas. Therefore, it is necessary for nurses to study various problems in the nursing profession and how to address them effectively (Cherry & Jacob, 2011).

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