What is Diabetes?

Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week. (2010). Diabetes: The Future of the Diabetes Care

Devices Market to 2016 - The Key Demand Drivers Remain Intact, 4265. Retrieved from http://elibrary.bigchalk.com.ezp-00rrw.lirn.net

This article provides a detailed analysis, data, and information on diabetes care devices, as crucial components of medical equipment industry, available in the global market. The article explains the medical landscape and the trends expected in the treatment of diabetes in the world. The main devices required for the management of diabetes include those of glucose monitoring and insulin delivery capabilities. It also takes a keen look at the impact of the advances in technology in relation to the management of diabetes.

The source is arguably reliable based on the in-depth analysis of the data and information used in developing the report. The article uses information and data gathered from proprietary databases already in existence, primary research by the industry experts, secondary research, and concise analysis of the subject by a team of industry experts.

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World Almanac Books. (2010). The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2010: Diabetes.

Retrieved from


The book entry offers a detailed definition of diabetes and outlines the possible roles of disease’s development played by genetics and environment. It develops a categorization methodology used in identification of high-risk individuals in the society by assessing their genetic health history. The recommended assessment helps in minimizing the impact of the disease in people through early detection, while it is still manageable. The entry also provides the types of diabetes and their respective causes. The book classifies complications that diabetic patients can face and ways of handling them. It offers possible solutions that can minimize and control the complications that arise from the disease.

The contents are sourced from information gathered by the American Diabetes Association over time. The arguments made are supported by studies on ways of treating and minimizing complications associated with the disease. Therefore, reliability of the information is guaranteed. As a source, it is relevant because it cites facts from hospitals while giving a detailed description of the deaths caused by diabetes.

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Rubin, A. L. (2010). Prediabetes for Dummies. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing Inc.

The book Prediabetes for Dummies indicates ways of preventing the pre-diabetes at the initial stages and assists in stopping its development into full-blown diabetes. It offers clear explanation on the causes of pre-diabetes, treatment, health risks of a pre-diabetes patient. It also informs the reader on the advances in diabetes medication to be used in the treatment of pre-diabetes. It suggests the recommended diet for diabetes patients, meal plans, and exercise routines.

The information gathered in the book involves years of careful research and observation of diabetic patients from the pre-diabetic to the full diabetes stages. The source has been improved over the years and covers recent technological advancement in diabetic medical equipment and medicine, which has increased the precision and dependability of the source. The compilation of the book involved various experts in the field of diabetic medicine.

Warshaw, H. S., &, Pape, J (2009). Real-life Guide to Diabetes. Alexandria, VA: American

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Diabetes Association.

The book employs an easy to use methodology in offering a real life guide to diabetes most pressing questions. The source uses the data gathered over the years to help people find answers to questions about diabetes, quickly and easily. The source is filled with critical information that would be helpful to a diabetic patient. It gives a clear guideline on the best way to treat and manage diabetes, depending on the type and stage of the disease. It is a helpful tool to diabetic patients because it offers solutions to complications that might arise, as it empowers people and, especially, diabetic patients.

The source is reliable because its intended purpose was to offer a practical approach on the ways of tackling diabetic problems affecting patients as fast as possible. All the vital information in the book is resultant from years of research and studies on the disease. Similarly, most diabetic patients use it to find answers to their questions.

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