Weight training

Weight training is a form of strength training that develops the size of skeletal muscles. For this purpose it utilizes the force of gravity as an opponent to the power generated by muscles through eccentric or concentric contraction. A variety of specified equipment is used as a way of targeting specific muscle groups as well as types of movement. Weight training is central in sports such as weightlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, power-lifting, shot-put, discus throw, highland games and javelin throw. To understand the concept of weight training appropriately, it is important to analyze its purpose and history.


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Weight training is a vital part of physical fitness as well as workout routine. As mentioned earlier, it includes the addition of muscles and improvement of cardiovascular endurance. This facilitates longer hours of exercising. Human beings accomplish a variety of tasks in a single day. If they were not in shape, they would not be able to manage even the simplest activities. Functional strength training enables a person to fulfill tasks with ease. It helps a person when pushing, reaching, bending and pulling.

During operations of a training program, there are several factors considered with an aim to foresee a successful execution of exercises. Weightlifting helps build lean muscle’s mass, which decreases with age. Therefore, there is a need to build and maintain lean muscles. If lean muscles are not present, the body fats increase. This is where weight training becomes vital. It helps tone up spots such as jiggly thighs, flabby triceps and saddlebags (Smith, 1). Weight training also helps in facilitating a better health and mental state of mind. This is an advantage of improving health conditions. Lifting weights lowers blood pressure and raises good cholesterol levels, however, this might also cause heart diseases. Lifting weight contributes to improved mental health. People who engage in weight training improve their self-esteem and become confident.

Weight training leads to weight loss and its maintenance. This keeps body weight under control. Building lean muscles allows burning of fat, increases metabolic rates and reduces calories significantly. The bone mass reduces with aging. However, regular weight lifting can help develop stronger bones. Consequently, aging-related diseases such as osteoporosis are prevented. Flexibility and balance are enhanced as the likelihood of bone fracture is minimized by weight lifting. Generally, weight training is critical to physical fitness of human beings.

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Strength training cannot be termed as a modern invention. The paintings in the Egyptian tombs portray people lifting bags full of sand and throwing of stones. In early Germany, Spain and Scotland, such things were popular. Weightlifting competitions were held during the early Greek civilization. The events led to the emergence of games modernly known as the Olympics. The pioneers did not have the equipment like the ones available currently. However, they did have the desire to lift something heavy for sport, fun and for physical health.

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Weight training recorded a significant progress in 1990s when the adjustable, plate-loaded barbell was discovered (Morgan, 1). Bodybuilding later shifted to Muscle Beach in Venice. Later Nautilus machines were innovated. This inspired a fitness revolution as many companies came up with the resistance machines. In the past, weight training was plain. This means that there was no flexibility on procedures. Today, machines have created efficiency, diversity and effectiveness of weight training. Strength is evolving gradually from circuit training to muscle workouts. Functional training is associated with this evolution. Stability, balance, pure core strengths, as well as functional training are necessary for physical fitness. Weightlifting is still used as a sport and an agent of fitness. In conclusion, weight training is not meant for the muscular development only. It is an activity that should be undertaken by anyone who desires to keep fit and be free from disease.

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