Healthcare Marketing

Q.1 How has the traditional family evolved, and how does this affect health care marketing?

In the early 19th century, a family consisted of a father, mother, children and sometimes the presence of a grandparent, uncle or aunt. This family was held by a patriarchal society in the western world where women had no political independence or social mobility.

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In 1915, the Monthly Labor Review in America publish showed that more than half of the nation’s residents lived in rural areas and fulfilled their roles in the family at the same small geographical area. In this, young adults rarely left their parental home environment to live independently before marriage. After marriage, a high percentage continued to share a household with parents or relatives for a while. In this period, divorce was unusual with only a mere minority of single-person homes.

From 1905 till 1924, there occurred an intense immigration from Europe where around ten million immigrants entered the United States most of them were men. As a result, men outnumbered women and families took the day.

American families have changed over the last 75 years due to the population adapting technology, economic changes, and social trends. With recent delays in marriage, young adults live independently. Divorce has increased single parenting; death comes second in family dissolution leaving many widowed. Great number of women has gone to carriers and further studies narrowing the childbearing age.

Health care centers saw a great expansion in the mid-1990’s. Before this time, they were unaccepted by customers because of lack of marketing. They lacked the knowledge of the services available and the costs, hence relying on local hospitals with the large number of hospitalized.

The demand of the public, need for change of traditional medical practices and relief from tight schedules of doctors brought the need for change. Doctors independently, or in collaboration with hospitals, marketed themselves with reasonable prices at urgent care centers. These centers were open all the time.United States depend on a patchwork scheme of market-based institution where those covered, receive cover because of employment. With the increase of employment to both male and female, this health insurance cover has highly succeeded as a strategy to market the health care industry. With advances in technology, consumers of health care search the internet for answers to illnesses and doctors can give recommendations, being at home.

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Q.2: Why should a health care manager be concerned about Baby Boomers or whichever generation is in power?

Health care managers are in charge of the administration of a health care, mainly to oversee the staff and working environments.

On this, there has been a shortage of registered nurses due to the many retirements of the baby-boomer nurses. This has been because of long working hours, physically demanding duties, little or no appreciation from doctors and hospital administrators among other complaints. Managers need to take a step towards the retention to the nurses in the job.

Generation X and Y, brought up in empowerment years and in consumer economy, expect authority to accommodate their expectations as customers or employees. A health care manager wishing to employ such ought to realize that the expectation is for him as an employer to give more and that they will not hesitate to express their opinions unlike the baby-boomers. On the positive, this generation grew in a computer age hence got profound impact in problem solving, multiprocessing and possess global-minded skills.

Q.2b: How health care facilities and health insurance companies are targeting Baby-Boomers with their marketing strategies?

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Most health care has come up with institutions to provide daycare services to baby boomers who choose to live in nursing homes. These homes take care of physically disabled and provide emotional, social and mental needs to the elderly. Fitness organizations and health clubs have drawn in a huge number of members.

Insurance Companies have taken the advantage of the retired who have a lot of free time and have access to internet. This is by developing content-rich sites with strategies to their health care. The Medicare Supplemental Insurance has shown progress on this.

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