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 News Event on Escherichia Coli Bacteria

The scientific name of the referred organism discussed in the article is Escherichia coli. These are bacteria that exist in various serotypes which can be broadly grouped as enteroaggregative, enterotoxigenic, enteropathogenic and enteroinvasive. Parry and Palmer suggest that the bacteria can stay in the human body without causing any harm.

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According to Manning, Escherichia coli often cause bloody diarrhea when it invades the intestines, severe intestinal bleeding, dehydration of the body due to prolonged diarrhea and sometimes vomiting, and may also lead to fatal death due to kidney failure in extreme cases of food contamination.

Escherichia coli bacteria usually affect infants, children and weak adults or the elderly whose immune systems are weak. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), they are persons with compromised immune systems. Bell and Kyriakides stated that when the bacteria enter the body of another organism, it affects mostly the intestinal tract of humans and animals. Some strains of E. coli also produce toxins called vero cytotoxins that damage the intestinal tract, while in some people it cause serious kidney failure.  As per the article, news about this microbe had not reached many people. The government was not sure of how many people might have been affected by the bacterium.

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This information about the Escherichia coli could make me to be more cautious when taking processed and tinned food products, especially grounded meat. Similarly, I would have enough confidence to purchase products from the same company that processed the contaminated meat, whether the contamination was intentional or accidental. It will always be crossing my mind that products from this particular company are not always safe to consume. In other words, I will often look for alternative options or other products that can substitute the contaminated meat.  

The article suggests that Escherichia coli bacteria are transmitted through ground beef products. This can be taken to be quite correct since it is in agreement with information provided by the CDC on its websites. The bacteria can also be spread through consumption of raw or undercooked food. In rare cases, infection between person-to-person do occur through physical contact. 

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In conclusion, the article was able to provide reliable information on the probable sources, spread and infections caused by the Escherichia coli bacteria.

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