The article: Medicare extends coverage for obesity by Melissa Healy is a report containing a medical plan aimed at cubing overweight and obesity in America. According to the report, obesity screenings are to be done to as many people as possible through Medicare organization. The screenings are meant to identify individuals whose weight could be posing risk of obesity. This program is categorized as a preventive measure rather than a curative module. About 40 million Americans are insured by the Medicare firm. Of this population, Medicare aims at incorporating about one third of its clients into the weight loss program soon after the screenings are finished. Private insurance companies have shown reluctance in covering costs related to Obesity. Medicare therefore gives Americans an opportunity to check their weights. The USA medical insurance is mainly settled by tax payers. This country’s medical expenditure goes well above $ 325 billion. THE Medicare plan is quite noble and will help reduce medical costs which could otherwise have been avoided.
I agree with the findings indicated in this report. It is true that many Americans have experienced serious health complications whose origin is obesity related. Any one whose mass index is well above 30 is considered obese. American health care costs well above $325 billion. This is another accurate fact.
Obesity is a very serious medical condition. This is a fact in man parts of the world. It is a condition that can be presented if proper directives are taken. I agree with Medicare on their plan to screen people on regular basis. This will enable people to see dangers associated with obesity and consequently take remedial actions. Obesity is better prevented than treated. Many people have often died from Obesity related complications like high blood pressure and stroke. Early screenings can reduce such sad deaths by a great margin.

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