Antidepressants are medicines that are primarily used to help people who have depression. According to Sife, the medicine works by stimulating the nerve cells to make more neurotransmitters while at the same time also preventing their uptake (Sife, 2011). It is normally taken on a daily basis for a period between 6 to 12 months or longer depending on the patient’s reaction. Antidepressants are also made in different kinds. Their selection and the patent’s compliance with therapy are determined by the expected side effects and potential drug interaction. The prescription of the medication depends on one’s symptoms which show whether the depression is in its mild, moderate or severe stage.


Studies have shown that all the available antidepressants are effective in treating depression. The medicine can help boost the patients’ mood and enable them regain interest in everyday’s life (Sife, 2011). Other problems like lack of energy, reduced desire to sleep and poor concentration can also be effectively treated with the medicine. Antidepressants have also been successfully used in the treatment of other conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety and panic attacks, and obsessive compulsive disorder. 


Apart from not being ineffective in mild cases, the medicine has several side effects depending on the kind of the neurotransmitters they affect. Its negative effect is greater especially among the people who are being introduced to the medicine for the first time. The other risky groups include: pregnant mothers, old people over 65 years of age and the teens and young adults. Studies have shown that some antidepressants such as SSRI’s if taken by clients who are over 65 years of age would greatly weaken the bones.

The medicine is also associated with short term withdrawal symptoms among the new-born. This happens in cases where a mother uses SSRI antidepressants during the late stages of pregnancy.  In this case, the baby may develop symptoms such as restlessness, weak cry and mild respiratory problems. Lastly, the medicine is also associated with the increased cases of suicide among the teens and young adults. This is rampant in the United States and has compelled the Food and Drag Administration to issue a directive requiring all depression medications to include warning labels with this information.

Generally, the common side effects are: having trouble with sleep, feeling tired, or constipation/stomach discomfort and sweating. These symptoms have been observed majorly among clients put on monoamine-oxide inhibitors (MAOLs). Studies have also associated certain antidepressants with the slowness in one’s reaction speed. This has negative effect on activities that require concentration such as driving. Though antidepressants are not addictive, one taking them may experience withdrawal symptoms especially if he/she stops taking them abruptly. In addition, all antidepressants can also negatively affect one’s sex life. However, the major safety concern is with the first generation antidepressants which have potentially fatal effect in cases where a person takes an overdose.

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A case Study

The report of a major U.S. government study released in 2006 indicated that just less than 50 percent of the users are not affected by antidepressants. It showed that there was a tendency of people who had been treated going back to their initial state of depression. This raised doubts on the drug’s effectiveness. This was found to be true even in cases where the clients were continuing with their medications. More astonishing was the finding that even placebo is preferable to antidepressants in treating mild and moderate depression.

The Need for Value Neutrality and whether it would be Possible

Because of the diverse nature of the kind of clients suffering from depression, value neutrality remains a very important issue. In trying to fit in their client’s situations, the therapists must not allow their own values and personalities to affect their judgments of their clients. This will enable them to be value neutral. In most cases, those who seek these medications are the teens and the young adults. This group is very delicate because of the increasing cases of suicide especially among the under 25 years old users. Youths in their own nature love people who would respect their freedom and rights of being independent. Thus, it is only by being value neutral that the therapists can establish a strong relationship with this group to enable them boost their self esteem.

The Consequences of not Being Value Neutral

The failure to avoid the influence of the therapist’s values in the treatment relationship can lead to different harmful effects on their clients. The clients who feel that their rights are not being respected especially the youths may opt for suicide as research has indicated. It robs the clients the sense of the freedom that they were looking for in a neutral person. This may jeopardizes the relationship between the client and the therapists even causing conflicts. Some clients may also find themselves internalizing their therapist’s values.

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In conclusion, it is clear that antidepressants are not as effective as often depicted in adverts. This is especially so among those who have mild and moderate depressions. It is therefore recommended that people with depression should also seek the services of a psychological therapists or a cognitive behavioral therapist. The therapists must strive to ensure value neutrality by respecting their clients’ rights and freedom throughout the treatment period. This will go along way in helping reduce the cases of suicide which is on the increase among the teens and the young adults and positive attitudes towards therapy.

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