Manassas Cardiology Associates

Manassas Cardiology Associates is a professional group that specializes in diseases related to the cardiovascular and peripheral vascular systems. They offer quality consultative services in addition to a cardiac diagnostic testing. To ensure the quality, they recommend that every patient should have a basic care physician. The consultative services enable the physician to assess properly and give a medical recommendation regarding a solution to a patient’s cardiac problem (Adelman 1992).

The government and insurance companies have undertaken healthcare policy quality as outlined by the “Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996”. In this regard, the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States has escalated the supervision of healthcare institutions in the country. Therefore, the privacy rights of patients must be given a priority especially when it comes to healthcare information. In addition, the government is working closely with insurance firms so that the cost of healthcare does not become a hindrance to medical access. Indeed, it is legally required that medical services expenses are to be sent to an insurance company in case if the patient is unable to pay them (Munts 1967).

This program emphasizes the privacy and sensitivity of healthcare information and an impact that this information may have on the patient. To a large extent, releasing such medical information against the wishes of the patient may further complicate cardiac problems. Thus, the government policy has specified conditions under which this information can be revealed to the public. We must actively participate in the process of compiling this information. Moreover, attending nurses, medical doctors, or pharmacists involved in the patient’s medical care, will also help to understand these problems and therefore we have more chances to succeed. Further, this law allows a disclosure of such information for purposes of seeking payments or as required by a court of law (Adelman 1992).

This policy has been tested and found applicable in any sector of the healthcare. However, restricting public access to this information is important to its realization. Indeed, all the medical information must be kept in one place in order to make it as secretive as possible. By doing this the government institutions that come to supervise the work will achieve their goals. Thus, we are doing some good job and the promised benefits will come in plenty (Blendon, Donelan et al 1992).



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