Definition of Advanced Practice

This essay investigates and discusses the definition of advanced practice in nursing and the core values of nursing, as explained by Hamric. These core values are intended to guide nursing practice, as well as the advanced practice. They include values such as advocating for the patient which is important as the patients well-being must always be maintained at the forefront. Another value is respect of the patient’s environment, which is also important, as the environment plays a major role in determining the psychological and emotional status of the patient. The patient’s community and cultural traditions should also be observed in order to avoid conflict that may arise from wrong interpretation of the nurse’s actions and to facilitate better communication between nurse and the patient. Another core value is that the nurse has to maintain focus on preventing the disease at all times and encourage health restoration and its promotion. The essay also discusses the difference between advanced nursing practices, specialization and the integration of Christian values into nursing practice.

In agreement with Hamric’s statement that the core values should be maintained in the nursing practice, it should include the advanced nursing practice. This is because his values enable the provision of a wholesome view in the care of the patient enabling an all-round coverage. They ensure that all areas are dealt with in respect to the care of the patient. Hamric’s values provide a way of dealing with the patients physical, biological, as well as psychological needs promoting recovery of all areas, if adhered to it; is important to note that the psychological aspect in the patients healing is a crucial aspect and is emphasized by Hamric’s values in respect of the patients environment, community and cultural values. This is especially important in the management of chronic conditions, where hormonal imbalance brought about by an unstable state of mind determine the course of the illness. By adhering to Hamric’s values a rapport is created between the nurse and the patient who would lead to better patient management. The physical values of health prevention, restoration and promotion should not be downplayed as they are also important in recovery of the patient. This applies to all practicing nurses whether general or even advanced practice nurses (Hamric, Sprouse & Hanson, 2009).

These core values, as stated by Hamric, inform my practice as adhering to them, enable one to cover patient’s management comprehensively encompassing all the aspects that should be covered. Addition of Christian values to Hamric’s core values would ensure better management of the patient with no friction whatsoever between the two disciplines. Christian values tend to focus more on the patient’s spiritual well-being which is closely related to the patient’s state of mind. Christian values tend to enhance a more positive outlook on life, despite the prevailing circumstances, and this in turn enhances psychological stability of the patient. This is especially the case in values, such as having faith which encourages the patient to have hope. Another important Christian value is the aspect of prayer. When done individually, it gives the patient a feeling of hope. It is even better when done as a group, as it gives moral support to the patient encouraging psychological recovery and consequently physical recovery of the patient (Nurses Board of the ACT, 2004).

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