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The Strong model has also proposed a variety of changes that need to be introduced in the patient health care with the view of making it more professional. This model was designed by the faculty at the StrongMemorialHospital in New York City. The Strong model particularly elaborates on five aspects of advanced nursing practice. These include comprehensive patient care to ensure that the personnel give a special tailored care to the patient in all perspectives. For instance, the diagnosis and therapy should be done by a specialist who understands both and, as such, can integrate them into quality care for the patient. Besides, it emphasizes the education, research, and publication as the most realistic way of ensuring that medical personnel are up to date with all medical technology and that they properly understand the emerging trends in healthcare. This will ideally enable them to approach clinical care from different angles to the benefit of patients. In addition, the model focuses on professional leadership as the best way to approach institutional collaboration, to empower the nursing fraternity as well as to engage nursing scholars so that they could all develop a professional attitude that should mark the face of an advanced practice of nursing. Finally, there is the Brown’s model that emphasizes working partnerships between health care providers and their patients. This would ideally enable the introduction of expert opinion in the clinical setting and would provide adverse approaches to the overall management of patients (Schneider, 2010).

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These models are similar in principle although they differ in approach, which each of them takes with the view of enhancing the quality of health care. However, Hamric’s model is certainly more comprehensive and gives a conclusive approach. This is because the holistic research should form an important component of the efforts to enhance healthcare provision by nursing professionals. As a matter of fact, I would pick this model as it targets nursing fraternity right from scholars to professionals. As such, it is likely to have far-reaching effects, especially with the view of future provision to health care (D'Antonio, 2010).

In conclusion, the conceptualization of advanced practice is long overdue in nursing profession. However, the right model to be embraced remains a cause of concern. For instance, several proposals have been made that all look realistically applicable. Nonetheless, my assessment suggests that Hamric’s model is the best bet for a properly functioning healthcare system. This is because it underlines the holistic research that would improve all the aspects of healthcare as provided by nursing fraternity.

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