Healthcare Covers

For low-income earners, the Pennsylvanian government has ensured they have cheap covers to suit their pay. In other words, they have subsidized healthcare covers for a whole family. Additionally, Medicaid offers free insurance covers for pregnant women, disabled persons, and for people who have lost their insurance and jobs. Even though there is a general fear of a government takeover on health care, the government should provide health care insurance since millions who cannot afford it are willing to be highly taxed for health care services (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012). Some argue that government cannot run a health care program or government should not be implicated in the health care system and believe that medical issues are between an individual and their doctors. In addition, private charities should assist those who cannot afford health care.

In the case where the job is not permanent, one can choose to either stay at their old group for a certain period of time or leave to a new group. This is called COBRA continuation and helps when one is not eligible for Medicare, one has various jobs, or in case of an early retirement. In the United States of America, the people are most affected by large disparities in health status. It is related to the social conditions of people from different ethnic groups. They even have different physicians who are supposed to attend them. These may affect technology which may be used because there cannot be different technology for different people. The incorporation of technology should make the work easier for all physicians and the patients as well. The determining factor would be the number of patients. If the population is large, technology is needed so as to make the work easier and to ensure that doctors attend to as many patients as possible (Northrop, Cooper, Calder & Northrop, 2007).

When applying for health care insurance cover in Pennsylvania, companies cannot turn one down because of their medical history; they only work under guaranteed conditions. For instance, if a person has a family history of cancer diagnosis, the company issuing the insurance cover cannot turn him/her down because of such cases. Vulnerability has been a considerable challenge in the health insurance sector in terms of dealing with vulnerable population in Pennsylvania. The problems faced by the vulnerable population are further compounded by the lack of clear and correct data about their numbers, needs, location and other demographics. Furthermore, it is difficult to outline the criteria upon which an individual shall be classified as either vulnerable or not. In order to understand the problem of vulnerable populations in society, it becomes tantamount to trace their origin and history. As a result, this has facilitated the provision of better services and apt medical care in general (Weimer & Vining, 2009).

In conclusion, it is evident that although most of the population is insured in Pennsylvania, the number of mortality rate is still high. Today, Pennsylvania is among the healthiest states and was ranked the twenty seventh state to live in, in the year 2010. In addition, it is also clearly evident that most people have insured their medical cover with the public health sector.

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