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Health care is an essential element in the life of any individual. Access to medical services not only provides one with a sense of well-being, but prevents any fatalities arising from medical emergencies. Preventable ailments can be diagnosed and treated thus reducing the cost and effects of treating an illness. Primary health care is the most available form of medical attention received by most patients especially those with medical covers. Healthcare insurance is helpful in reducing the mortality rate by covering medical bills for their members during emergencies. For years now, health care insurance has constantly increased its popularity globally by covering more than a quarter of the population. However, these medical covers differ with age, occupation, health condition, and place of residence.

In Pennsylvania, health insurance is mainly provided by the government in the public sector. According to the recent statistics, 60-65 percent of healthcare provision comes from programs such as TRICARE, children’s health insurance program, the Veterans Health Administration, Medicaid, and Medicare. Although not all the people have a medical cover, the USA has been ranked third in public healthcare expenditure per capita. Moreover, the government has been on the run in ensuring that private companies insure their workers with reputable insurance agencies. In this way, the medical cover has been made affordable for the unemployed and families with low income.

Pennsylvania is one of the states in America that has strict health insurance laws that protect people covering health care insurance. According to the health insurance laws in Pennsylvania, a person cannot be denied insurance cover by the company they work for for any reason. As long as one has the premiums, the insurance cover is guaranteed. As we all know, the United States remains the only affluent nation that does not ensure that all its citizens are insured. It was noticed that medical debts contributed to 47 percent of personal bankruptcies due to high medical expenses. This has rapidly increased the number of uninsured and underinsured persons in the United States. The course for health care reform has been around since 1912. It had the full support of three American presidents; Theodore Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The problems that affect the health care system also trouble the ones with coverage for so many of them fear that if they lose or change their job, they will possibly lose their medical insurance cover (United States, 2009). However, the affordable care act ensures that anyone below the age of 26 is covered by health insurance plan.



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