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Death Experience

This paper explores several experiences which are near to death. The study has been conducted both online and offline. The paper mainly focuses on body experiences when there is impending death due to cardiac respiration problems. The main question is ‘does death happen when the brain stops functioning?’ Dr. Pin Van, Dr. Raymond, Dr. Bruce, Dr. Susan, Dr. Peter and Dr. Sam give out their experiences on their patients who once experienced near death. Heather soloan as well, on the BBC documentary on near death experiences, explains her near death experiences due to cardiac respiration problems.

Doctors in the world have conducted many studies on the body experiences when there is an impending death, or else, when death is about to occur. Dr. Raymond, in his contribution to the ‘BBC documentary on near death experiences’ says that death may occur when there is a total malfunctioning of the brain, as a result of poor cerebral blood circulation. This, according to Dr. Bruce is the cardiac respiratory arrest. Several experiences occur in one’s body when the brain stops functioning. Several doctors outline the experiences as follows: feeling of peace, feeling of joy, time looses meaning, feeling of cosmic unity, out of body feeling, visions of the future, unhealthy realm of existence and external forces controlling the body. These experiences have as well been explained by many patients who have survived death shortly after been suffered from cardiac respiratory arrest. Other doctors argue that one may as well stop thinking since the blood supply has paralysed the functions of the brain.



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