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This refers to the practice of restraining from all aspects involving sex for psychological, social, legal and religious reasons. Considering the current generation where children know about sex at tender age due to media influence, it becomes a big worry when people especially the youthful generation refuse to abstain but gratify their bodily needs to have sex. The numbers of people getting infected with HIV/AIDs, a killer disease continue to increase among the young people, considered the future generation as well as infections from STDs such as syphilis and gonorrhea among others.  Even though many are choosing to use condom, it not a guarantee stoppage of pregnancy which is the number one cause of teen school dropout or an infection. Therefore, it calls for another measure that involves a lot of patience and self-control but guarantees 100% freedom from infections, pregnancies and lose of self-esteem. Furthermore, with increased objectification and impersonification of ladies as sex objects through the media and even in industries such as pornography, bars, stripping club and prostitution which is legal in some countries, it becomes hard to escape exposure to sex stuff through the media, association, chats and socializing manually. Sadly, this is a sex obsessed generation hence abstinence is the perfect way of cutting down the figure of ladies and gentlemen who are going to their graves due to failure to uphold one principle before the right time which is abstinence. Therefore, this being a relevant topic for the young people of this time, it is quintessential to give it a critical treatment through in-depth dissection of all the necessary facts, opinions and ideas.


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The value of teaching abstinence

If it were possible, all the schools throughout the world need to enact standard procedures of teaching abstinence to children. Undoubtedly, one category of young people fall a prey of consequences of pre-marital sex due to ignorance, another one due to peer pressure and the third group knowingly. However, the coming of knowledge is comparable to light in darkness which can never mix together. It is in the same way the individual who is ignorant of abstinence or the danger of having random sex can change in light of all information as well as the one under the influence of peers by being able to take a strong stand based on information he/she upholds and the third party breaking with time while coming to a full comprehension of the positive sides of abstinence.

A recently published report by the Heritage Foundation indicates that when the adolescents receive enough education on abstinence and consequently pledge to keep their virginity,  the rates of having children out of wedlock if lowered tremendously. This confirms the long adage that, “knowledge is power.” The same way there are peer assimilating others to leads perverse way of sex is the same way a good group with ideals and principles focused towards good goals can be formed to educate and influence those still in the dark of vulnerability to sex. The released data by the National Longitudinal Study Association of Adolescent Health shows that young women who pledge to maintain their virginity constitute about 40% less to conceive and have a child before marriage as compared to women who turn down such pledge (Peter & Hanna, 58) These findings are sustained when all the background factors relating to religiosity, socioeconomic status, race and other variable are maintained at a constant level. These findings confirm the capacity of the abstinence education programs to mitigate the rate of teen pregnancy and childbearing before official marriage. Besides, the results are also consistent with the research done before concerned with the potential impact of virginity pledge programs. Young boys and girls who swear to keep their virginity, have fewer or no sexual partner and are likely to marry  delay sexual activity through youth behaviors. Therefore, it is imperative that a side from numerous programs targeting HIV/AIDs victims and foster awareness of this killer disease, the government implement necessary programs to protect the future generations by teaching abstinence in schools, churches, national events and media (Edwards, 25).

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Benefits of abstinence

First, it is important to understand that the benefits of abstinence are guaranteed once a person resorts to abstain from sexual encounter until the proper timing.  The first benefit is that it is free and does not require any appointment or energy to start but just the will to decide. It also has not hormonal or medical side effects. Abstinence does not affect the effects of hormones in any way unlike most pills used by women nowadays to dodge pregnancies. They may have mal-effects on a person which can fully impair reproductive system. Abstinence also assures of peace of mind and quality of thought whereby there arises no time when one has to worry with a pregnancy case or life come to a halt because of responsibilities that comes by. Therefore, it is beneficial for schools by preventing drop outs due to pregnancies, government by conserving funds used in HIV/AIDs programs, families and individuals by ensuring that the potentials of the young people are neither diverted or wasted but are conserved for proper use at proper time.

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Prevention of pregnancy

Pregnancy is currently becoming a pain in the neck of parents who have to put with their children dropping out of schools because of pregnancies. Actually, lack of abstinence characterized by a reckless life of immorality can transform the entire course and phase of a person’s life forever. There is no peace that comes with early pregnancies amidst young people especially in schools. Only one way of getting pregnant exists and that is through a sexual intercourse and once boundaries are drawn, there is no way teens can be pregnant. All and sundry would attest to the fact that early pregnancies influences may cause the victim to lose self -esteem or even the big dreams he or she had in life. Use of condoms is not 100% leverage that a person would not conceive and even use of pills which can be dangerous to one’s health.  Therefore, to avoid any incidence of pregnancy amidst those of young generation, abstinence offers the best solution.

Reasons for abstinence

Prevent STDs

STDs are normally transmitted from one infected person to another whom perhaps in not infected through a sexual intercourse. Any normal human being never intends to be infected with an STD but then it comes as an accident. Nevertheless, with enough knowledge that it is transferred from one person to another through sex, it becomes now acts of carelessness.  Abstinence means no sex until marriage hence it is absolutely impossible to get such an infection. STDs paralyzes someone psychologically and even socially because of the pain (Lott, 12). For instance, a student may not concentrate in class or manage to attend all his or her classes while suffering from this kind of infection. Even though medics may champion the use condoms while having sex, a person may still be infected in unfortunate case of bursting of a condom, existence of pores, forgetfulness or negligence thus becoming a bad news. Therefore, abstinence provides the surest and safest way preventing an infection from STDs which is neither an air borne disease nor a waterborne.

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To wait until a duo are ready for sexual intercourse

Sex before readiness may surmount to a distraction and disturbance for a person especially school children, high school students and even university students who need to concentrate in class or spend more time in work. When couples decide to wait until the proper time, they get more prepared psychologically, socially, financially and in the right setting. Sex done randomly imply an act of objectification.

Wait to find the right partner

One of the fast ways through which HIV/AIDs spread is through unfaithfulness of partners hence it is important to abstain and identify one faithful partner for life. Undeniably, patience pays and good things come to those who wait diligently. Having sex before finding the most suitable person exposes one to high chances of getting infection and unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, abstinence can also be a principle framework by which a person wades through the life of singlehood.

Focusing on school, class work and extracurricular activities

Many times sex can be a great form of distraction before right time is established. Sex involves a lot of mind activities and one is doomed to lose focus when engaging in sexual activities. Consequently, it may lead to failure in class and general performance. Wastage of time is also another factor that comes in in relation lack of abstinence. 

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Ways of staying abstinent

It all begins with will power. A will normally drives a purpose and motive in a person. Nevertheless, a person has to develop a discipline of following a principle frame work to resist the pressure of having sex lengthen his or her time in abstinence.

Contemplating on the consequences

One must always keep the consequence in mind. For instances, women must know that unprotected sex would lead to pregnancy and also men must acknowledge that they may gain more responsibilities. In addition, every person must fear the possibility of getting an HIV/AIDs infection and STDs hence must always strive to abstain as spelt out in the framework.

Belong to a group of people who see abstinence as a virtue and are likely to encourage the spirit of abstinence.  For instance, a religious organization with a great influence on the life of a person can easily influence him/her to continue abstaining. In Christianity, sex before marriage is regarded as adultery always punished by God. This means that true followers of Christian faith and walking as per the principles outlined in the bible where they draw their council from must abstain from sexual intercourse until marriage.  On the same note, inculcating such a mentality in children at a tender age may help them not engage in sexual intercourse until the right time. The same ought to happen to youths. Undeniably, many a times it is possible to feel weary and even give up on a particular but in amidst of majority who pursue a course, the strength is renewed. Religion has the ability to shape up people hence it becomes a great challenge for religious leader to preach abstinence for the sake of the ways of God.

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Setting up boundaries. Life must have boundaries to determine the extent of doing something in a specific proportion of time and with a certain amount of resources. For young people to abstain from sex fully until marriage, there must be set boundaries in different aspects of their lives to avoid those situations that may make them vulnerable to sex. Some of those situations include; drunkenness, drug addiction, clubbing, too much spending time with someone of opposite sex and too much leisure. In Addition, it is quintessential for one to keep away from sex stuff in the media that have the tendency of arousing feelings in people. Therefore, for a young person to live a full life of abstinence, there are some life style that has to be done away with and choosing to fully embrace voluntary separation from compromising situation, enticing moments and activities that may arouse the need to have sex.

Personal evaluation. Evaluation is a necessary step before a person can increase and strengthen on a point. At the end of a specific period of time be it a day, an hour, a week or a month, an individual must recount how well he or she has managed to keep the decision of abstinence. This ensures continuity and renewal of zeal. One also gets the chance to correct a mistake if a wrong had been committed, seek help or improve on the methods he or she employed to ensure abstinence.

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Having mentors and an accountability partner. To tread on this way for a longer period of time, it requires that a person be accountable to an authority. This would enhance openness and council.

These five points elucidates the possibility of young people abstaining fully from sex and making it a day to lifestyle until the right time. When all the social structure such as mentors and accountability partners, economic factors and social factors such as groupings are set, the ultimate goal of getting as many young people abstaining can be achieved overtime.

Challenges of abstaining

Peer pressure. Most youths fall victims of pressure to belong making them embrace a wired notion at tender age that sex is a must

The power of media seduction. Media opens up numerous gates and lee ways to have set. This happens through movies, soap Opera and advertisements which give children a wrong education about sex at earlier age. For instance, soap opera dictates to the audience the need to have relationships which amounts to having sex even before marriage. This also applies to too much exposure on the internet making children be victims of watching pornography at tender age hence creating thirst to have sex at early age. It may be hard to free this generation from obsession towards sex as long as internet is still full of pornography.


Lack of motivation

In conclusion, it is possible to have most young people abstaining from sex once the government agrees to set up programs and activities to educate them on the need for abstinence. Therefore, for better future, peace of mind, security and health, abstinence should be the tune in the minds of most youths. 



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