Nursing Degree is better than Any Other Degree

Nursing as a profession is the is the area that focuses on taking care of people so that they can recover, maintain, or attain optimum health and enjoy quality in life. A nursing degree has many advantages towards the community and the people taking the nursing degree itself. The benefits of a nursing degree include preserving life, creating caring people, and the nursing a good occupation. The aim of this paper is to support the notion that a nursing degree is better than any other degree using five main fallacies. The paper will evaluate the benefits of the nursing degree and consider other arguments that prove that the nursing degree is the better than any other degree.

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Either the countries increase nurses and nursing degree students, or face a crumbling national healthcare body without capacity to provide sufficient health care as paid for by providers and citizens. Therefore, nursing degree is vital than other degrees (False Dilemma). Every person gets sick one time or another while in productive labor or as a student; nevertheless, a nursing degree student is predisposed to seek for medical checkup in time to avoid medical complications than other students because of the gap in gaining health care information. If people do not take a nursing degree, there will be no nurses to help patients recover from illness. If there were no nurses to take care of the sick, the sick will ultimately die and the world would run short of graduates to work either in nursing or other professions. The immediate consequence for any country lacking nurses is abrupt increase lose many important people.

The nation must address the perennial shortage of nurse by increasing intake of students during degree programs and increase salaries of the nurses to reduce loss of trained and qualified nurses to other higher paying nations. If the nursing degree program lacks enough students, then the nation shall have to content with poor quality of healthcare services whereas the government and people spends a lot of resources to cover for good healthcare services  (Slippery slope)(Cederblon & Paulesn, 1985). Therefore, a nursing degree is better than any other degree because nurse help patients recover and lack of nurse would decrease the level of healthcare and cause premature death.

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The people with the views that there is a degree better than a nursing degree is cause fail to understand the importance of a nursing degree do not take health care seriously. The people think that other people might take care of people even they do not have a nursing degree. Only the nursing degree equips students with skills to protect people from premature death unlike other degrees that equip students with skills to engage only in productive social-economic labor (Straw man). The people fail to understand that to take good care of people so that they can recover requires a lot of training and this is what a nursing degree offers (Cederblon & Paulesn, 1985).  A nursing degree will give the best training to help people maintain health, recover quality of life, and regain optimal health. Therefore, a nursing degree is better than any other degree.

The many advantages of a nursing degree give it an edge over any other degree. Given that there are many benefits associated with nursing profession like feeding, administering pharmaceuticals and helping patient, any person intelligent person would a nursing degree as the best alternative to all other degrees (Prejudicial language) (Cederblon & Paulesn, 1985). Nurses skills heal the nation.  

If the HealthCare sponsors the agenda to increase nurse degree programs to, then the mortality rate will decrease with no shortage of nurses. The United States mortality rate is commendably low. So the HealthCare is sponsoring enough students to take nursing degree (affirming the consequent) (Cederblon & Paulesn, 1985). Similarly, if the number of nurse degree students is increased, then the national healthcare services will improve. So far, the government is yet to increase funds to help universities expand nursing degree course. Therefore, the national wellbeing of people is at risk because of the fallen standards of healthcare (Denying the antecedent).

Many people study nursing. Nursing degree course is one of the degree courses with very many students applying to pursue every year. The reason why there are many people trying to pursue the nursing degree is because many people believe that it is better than any other degree. Therefore, the nursing degree must be better than any other degree (Begging the question) (Cederblon & Paulesn, 1985).

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Nursing degree is better than any other degree as it offers many advantages that none of the other degrees can offer. The degree course helps preserve life of many people and creates caring people besides offering a good source of income. Besides, many people love the nursing profession. Therefore, nursing degree is better than any other degree.

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