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The rendered article comes from The Economist.  It was published on the 2 of July, 2012. The title of the item is “Obamacare and the Supreme Court. It Doesn't Mean Anything, Yet.” The author of this contribution is Willy Wilkinson. His work is concerned with a decision of Chief Justice John Roberts to recognize medical reform of Barack Obama constitutional and legitimate. The position of the law, which requires for all Americans to get to the 2014 health insurance or pay a penalty in the state treasury, is in the centre of controversy. The fact that only five justices, including Roberts`s vote, supported the law proves that there exist an inconsistency of views on health care system. It causes a serious polarization and fierce controversy in American society.

The article deals with the burning problem of American society. Only a third of Americans support the Healthcare reform of Barack Obama. It may be useful for his main opponent Mitt Romney during the next election.

Wilkinson considers the reaction of Roberts as “something to behold” and provides a variety of views of American politicians and economists on this issue.  The author examines “a stimulating cacophony of conflicting views” of George Will, Michael Barone, John Yoo, Joey Fishkin and others. George Will outlines justness of the key decision of Justice and believes that conservative victory can help revive a venerable tradition of political culture of The United States.             Despite the fact that Michael Barone shares Will`s optimism, the ruling is more a mixed bag for him. He stresses “the Constitution's limits on congressional power have now become, for the first time in seven decades, a political issue” (Wilkinson).  Joey Fishkin considers this decision as “the most important court victory for liberalism in his lifetime” (Wilkinson).

The author’s attitude is a broad reflector of the views of Barack Obama. However, the article is marked with optimism. The author concludes that there was not definitive resolution for Roberts. Chief Justice had to be highly flexible.

The author remains concentrated on the problem of constitutionality of Healthcare reform throughout the article. The item is topical and interesting for readers. In conclusion, it should be said that, however the law demands of all Americans to have health insurance under threat of penalty for its absence, Barack Obama and his supporters believe that it is beneficial.

Obamacare. Custom Obamacare Essay Writing Service || Obamacare Essay samples, help

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