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Over the years, abortion has generated the most heated debate in the world. Abortion is terminating a pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo from the uterus. Legalizing abortion does more good than when abortion is illegal.Legalizing abortions have benefits like reducing death rates, reducing crime rates, reduce number of school dropouts, and show the commitment of a country to observe the rights of its citizens. The aim of this essay is to discuss the advantages of legalizing abortion.

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Abortions result in death in the countries that it is illegal. Making abortion illegal does not lower the number of abortions. Making abortions illegal make people seek backstreet abortions. The backstreet abortions are unsafe and lead to deaths of people who indulge in the abortions. Therefore, countries should legalize abortion to ensure that people do not die through abortions. Abortions that qualified doctors perform are safe. If a country legalizes abortion, people will go for safe abortions. Therefore, there would be no deaths because of abortion (Affirming the consequent) (Cederblon & Paulesn, 1985). Safe abortions are safer than childbirth. Therefore, safe abortion reduces the number of deaths in country.

Abortions will reduce the rates of crime, spare the innocent from a life of misery, and control population in a country.Abortions reduce the birth of babies to parents who will not be able to support the babies. Parents who bear children andare not capable of providing for the children will turn to crime to support their children. The government should either legalize abortion or deal with the increasing crimes. (Fallacy of false Dilemma) (Cederblon & Paulesn, 1985). Children born of parents who cannot support them fully turn into crime themselves. The solution to this problem will be legalizing abortion.

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Abortion will reduce the number of school dropouts.  Many young people drop out of schools because of pregnancy. If a country made abortion legal, schoolchildren who get pregnant at young age will freely induce abortions. Therefore, the children will not drop out of school due to pregnancy cases (fallacy of slippery slope) (Cederblon & Paulesn, 1985).

The people against abortion argue that every human being has a right to live including the unborn fetus. There is no clear definition of whether the fetus is alive or not, therefore, a fetus is not a human being. The people who oppose abortion are misguided to say that life start before birth of the child (prejudicial language) (Cederblon & Paulesn, 1985). The fetus being not a human being has no right of life. The woman carrying the pregnancy has the right of control of her own body; therefore, the woman has a right to terminate the pregnancy since it is in her own body.

Any person has a right of religion. The morality of abortion lies on religions. Therefore, making abortion illegal is imposing a religion morality to every person. A country should strive to enforce the rights of the people including the right of religion. By making abortion illegal, the government compromises this right of religion. By making abortion illegal, the government disadvantages people who are believers of another religion (Appeal to pity) (Cederblon & Paulesn, 1985).

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Legalizing abortion will do a country more good than making it illegal. Abortion will result in reduction of deaths, reduce school dropout cases, reduce crime, and show a country’s commitment to observe the human rights. Those that are against abortion provide weak points on why abortion should be illegal.

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