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Legal Abortion

I am Omar and I have a proposal on a movie project about the legalization and implementation of abortion in all the countries in the world. Abortion is a worldwide action that entails the termination of pregnancy before the normal time of delivery. Abortion occurs either spontaneously via miscarriage or by the will of the individual. Abortion is an action that can result to excessive bleeding when done by unskilled health medical officer; it can lead, and already has led to death of the human beings. Apart from being the reason of excessive bleeding or death, abortion is unethical and inhuman as it involves the killing of the unborn baby that is a human being too. Abortion should be legalized in situations whereby the mother of the unborn baby is in great danger and may not survive because of the pregnancy and also in cases whereby the mother wishes to terminate the pregnancy. Different countries have different opinions on the legalization of abortion. As a result, in some countries abortion is legal whereas in others it is an illegal thing to do (Rita 70).

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Legal Abortion is the only form that is usually allowed as the international legal support, for the rights of women have made it easier to be legalized. Women have the right to a safe and legal abortion and this is found in many international agreements. These rights are also certain in most of the nationalized level constitutions. The right to safe and healthy abortion is supported, for it guarantees life and good heath of the woman. However, some of the countries do not have this right in their constitution and as a result, the action of abortion is prohibited by the law. In such countries, abortion services are not funded for or provided in the hospitals. A woman who wishes to terminate a pregnancy via abortion is under the threat and puts her health, her social well being, and her physical state at risk (Steven 74). If the woman turns up to an untrained person or tries to perform the action herself, she is likely to go through procedures that are not safe or make mistakes accompanied by effects that are devastating on her physical and mental health. The most common complication with abortion that is carried out by an unskilled person includes the uncompleted abortion, injury to other internal organs, and other infections. The above injuries and infections can lead to lifelong injuries, infertility, or even death. Therefore, measures should be put across and campaigns to legalize abortion launched (Laurence 4).

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During the history abortion has been addressed in the national criminal codes. Many of the governments have loosened their abortion laws via amending of their criminal laws to enable creation of exceptions to the broad criminal prohibition of abortion. In South Africa, abortion has been made legal and the government has supported the action via the provision of the appropriate necessities and also recognizing the right action for the procedure in the health care units.

Most countries that legalize abortion then leave the issue to the members of the public to themselves. Legalization of abortion should be accompanied by the implementation of the abortion measures such as the access to abortion services. This can be observed especially in countries whereby abortion has been criminalized during their history and the heath systems in the particular nation have not been customized to provide the procedures for the action. Health care providers need to be educated on the steps that are to be followed in order to carry out safe abortion (Colin 50).

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The aim of presenting the issue of abortion to the film director is to suggest a project of a movie that will focus on the fact that abortion should be legalized due to the human rights that a woman has. And after the legalization of the action, the government should take an extra mile of providing the necessary resources of carrying out the procedure in a safe manner in the health care units in all the countries in the world. A movie will be a good campaign on this issue, as it will be watched worldwide.


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