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Henry Fayol

According to Henry Fayol's theory of management, managerial ability is more salient in higher level of management than in lower echelons. Henri Fayol outlined the functions of management to be;planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. However, modern day theorists, who base their theories on Henri Fayol’s, give the functions of management to be;planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These activities are all task oriented, as opposed to being people oriented.

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Fayol purported that management is a skill that could be taught, once its underlying principles were observed. Human relations, production efficiency and administration, are the three terms through which management principles can be observed (Ledlow & Nicholas 2011). These principles can then be subdivided into fourteen principles of management as specialization, unity of command, unity of direction, division of labor, authority, discipline, order, remuneration, and centralization, line of authority, equity, personnel, initiative, team spirit, and subordination of individual interests when at work. Of these fourteen Henri listed, Coordination, line authority, Unity of command and specialization as the most important.

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Henri Fayol’s theorizing was based on individual experience. These principals can be used across the board health administrators are no exception. For any hospital to be successful as a business and as a service provider these or in the precise least majority of these principles must be incorporated into the managerial grid. This theory differs with other theories that suggest that a manager is born that is managerial skills are innate. Henri Fayol’s theory disagrees and views management as a science that can be taught.

For this study, qualitative data will be used, and tools used to collect qualitative data, such as questionnaires will be used. Management is qualitative, and; therefore, quantitative variables will be selected to act as a measure of management. Where it cannot be measured in nominally, a rating scale will be established. For the purpose of research, this study will use quasi-experimental research. The purpose of this study is to identify whether hospitals with physician chief executives perform better than those with non-physician administrators. Quasi-experimental designs are used where it is difficult to apply experimental methods in measurement of the variables and where there is a high cost of experimental research. (Michael 2002). However, for the purpose of this study Quantitative correlation research would be more appropriate. According to Cohen (1980) quantitative research uses empirical research which can be used to determine the extent to which a certain policy its objectives. In addition, performance, the key variable being measured in this study, relies on human effort and thus be classified as a social science making  Quantitative research more relevant than Quasi-experimental  research. Quantitative research is objective and therefore does not involve the feelings or values of the researcher. It is also formal and based on set guidelines (Cohen 1980).

The Research methodology will involve deductive process through which generalizations can be made leading to prediction and explanation. It is also accurate and reliable.

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Quantitative research is suitable in areas quantitative data is needed and where it is needed to investigate how a population perceives a certain issue. It is also suitable to explain certain phenomena and the testing of hypotheses such as those outlined in this study (Cohen 1980).

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