Abortion should be legalized

The abortion debate has been one of the most contested debates in the recent past among different societies from the developed to the developing nations. The abortion debate has brought sharp reactions among the public on whether it should be legalized or not. The extent to which various parties have been drawn to the abortion debate is a clear justification of how much this issue is of great concern to the society. For instance, politicians, religious leaders, human rights activists, medical practitioners and the judiciary have been highly involved in this debate for a long period. The public has continued to be highly divided on this issue with each faction (pro-life and pro-choice) citing different justification for their stand. Prochoice include individuals that support abortion while the prolife include individuals that abortion should be illegal (Lowen, 2012). However, the opinion as to whether abortion should be legalized or not is a personal entitlement and such a privilege should be respected. From my point of view, abortion should be legalized.

The need to uphold the right of women to make choice relating to the number of children they want to bear is the first justification why abortion should be made legal. We are living in liberalized society where each member of the community should enjoy certain privileges. It is plausible that a number of efforts have been made to promote the status of women in the society, especially economic and political participation. Legalizing abortion is a major boost in not only promoting women’s right to decide the number of children they wish to have, but also to ensure that their status in the society is upheld. 

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Legalizing abortion will be important for protecting the health and lives of women (Joseph, 2009).  Even before legalizing abortion several women have been involved in very dangerous abortions and/or childbirth. Women with serious illnesses such as hypertension, heart diseases, severe diabetes, and sick-cell anemia can have medical complications that can risk the life of mothers during childbirth or during pregnancy. In other words, abortion should be legalized to ensure that women with serious health problems are not involved in dangerous births. Doctors are well positioned to assess the health of a mother before childbirth in order to avoid double tragedy of losing either the child or mother or even both. 

It is an individual’s personal choice to decide when and whether to have a child. Every individual of sane mind is at a better position to answer the question as to whether she is ready and able to be parent, and as such not everyone including the government should curtail such a choice.  According to John and Whitley (2007), every woman understands herself better especially when an issue relating to child bearing is the point of contention. This is because there are instances when an individual may end up being pregnant but incapable of giving birth owing to different reason. This means that abortion should be allowed to assist women in making appropriate decision as to whether they are ready and capable to become a parent.

Abortion should be legalized in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies/children. Forcing women to have their pregnancies, especially those who were conceived from violent crimes that include child abuse, rape or incest is unjust and retrogressive. Women should be allowed to get rid of unwanted pregnancies especially those that results from rape because majority of these pregnancies are the resultants of unwanted children. Such unwanted children often suffer a great deal in the hands of their parents. For instance, unwanted children are likely to be neglected, abused, brutalized and unloved an aspect that is not right considering that the children are innocent.

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Abortion should be legalized in order to prevent teenagers from having children (Olmos-Armas, 2006). Teenagers are renowned for engaging in irresponsible and unprotected sex, which is the leading cause of almost all teen pregnancies. Joseph (2009) asserts that studies indicate that teenage mothers often have a slim prospect of succeeding in future owing to a number of challenges which include the role of parenting, while at the same time schooling or in most cases drop out of school owing to embarrassments and/or tight parenting role at a tender age. Legal abortion will help minors to get rid of unwanted pregnancies that can curtail their future career prospect and lives.

Legal abortion will reduce instances of back-alley abortions. Self-induced abortion has been in existence for a long time even before abortion became a major public debate. Women are always determined when they want to get rid of unwanted pregnancies and as such, they will carry it secretly even when it is controlled by laws. According to Lowen (2012), trends indicate that self-induced abortions are mostly carried out by poor women in the society and much worse they are not safe thus leading to uncountable deaths in the community. Legalizing abortion will allow women especially from poor family background to carry out safe abortions using taxpayers’ dollars in better medical facilities under the assistance of qualified medical practitioners thus reducing mortality rate during abortions. 

Abortion should be legalized owing to the fact that the unborn does not have a right over their mothers. The fetus might have a human life but that does not guarantee him/her any fundamental human rights according to the common public.  In other words the fetus does not have a right over the mother and as such a mother should be allowed to make decisions on whether she wants the baby or not, considering that she has right over her body and the fetus is part of her body. 

Abortion should be legalized to allow for termination of pregnancies where the unborn child is exposed to serious risk of developing a fatal condition or has a limited chance of surviving.  Mothers should be allowed to carry out abortions when their pregnancies are likely to result in child’s health complications or in cases where there is a high likelihood of death of the unborn. Moreover, mothers should be in position to terminate pregnancies when a physicians evaluation on the pregnancy indicate that it is likely to increase the risk of giving birth to a child who is serious disabled (John & Whitley, 2007). 

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Legalizing abortion gives the government an opportunity to carryout effective policies with respect to population control.  It is noteworthy that a legal abortion can be used as a tool for national family planning, especially when the government is highly interested in regulating its population size (BBC, 2012). In other words, abortion has been used successfully in several countries as a tool for controlling population growth by terminating unwanted pregnancies that are the reasons for population outburst. 

Abortion should also be legalized to allow families to cope with social problems such as poverty, large family and inability to handle with child rearing (BBC, 2012).  Unwanted pregnancies can cause tension as well as disrupt stability in a family where resources are strained.  In other words, abortion should be legalized to substitute other contraceptives used for family planning.

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