During the period of two days, I kept the diet and now I will try to compare the amount of nutrients that I got during these two days with the amount of nutrients needed for one to lead a healthy lifestyle.

First of all, the energy value is the amount of energy that the body is able to obtain from the food. As a result, we notice that eating a sufficient amount of calories is an integral part of a proper nutrition. According to my 2-days diet, I consumed 1095 calories out of 1866, which is much lower than the required norm. To keep up with the norm, I should include in my diet foods such as trout, prunes, mutton products, honey etc. All these foods are rich in calories. As for drinks, pineapple, rosehip juices and other fruit drinks are good choices for my diet.

Further, I will consider foods I ate during the weekend. On Saturday I started my diet with a glass of skim milk, one boiled egg, a slice of whole wheat bread and one orange for a breakfast. A bit later, I ate a snack - a salad with a slice of whole wheat bread, watermelon and a nonfat yogurt. For lunch I ate salad from canned tuna with a low-fat yogurt. Shortly after it, I ate a chocolate donut. During the first day of my diet, I got few calories, insufficient for my body construction and for my organism to be healthy. However, the amount of proteins was sufficient and it was 54 out of 37. During the second day, I ate cereals with raisins and whole milk for breakfast, a beef salad and potatoes for lunch, one boiled egg with soy milk and one orange. During the day, I had a chocolate donut. In order for my body to be healthy, I need to consume more high-calorie foods and vitamins. As it is known, the main role of vitamins in the body is to maintain and accelerate various chemical reactions. In case of vitamin lack, our bodies would simply cease to operate. Thus, different vitamins are responsible for the support of various organs or systems of organs, and their lack will lead to a dysfunction of the whole body. As to my diet, there must be more products which contain vitamins A, D, K, and E. Vitamin A is essential for normal growth, development and normal function of the immune system. It can be found in meat, fish and dairy products. Vitamin C strengthens the protective functions of the body, improves elasticity and permeability of blood vessels, and has a positive impact on the immune and nervous system. We can get it from vegetables like cabbage and potato, and from plants, like rowan and hips. Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Most fish products are rich in vitamin D. Vitamin E has a beneficial effect on the endocrine glands and, above all, on the sexual glands. Vitamin E can be found in vegetable and animal foods.

It is a well-known fact that proteins are important for human body. Their functions are diverse: plastic, contractility, transport of substances, regulatory and others. According to my diet, the consumption of proteins should be in sufficient quantity. On Saturday, I got most proteins from canned tuna, low-fat milk and low-fat yogurt. On Sunday, the amount of protein was slightly smaller. If continuing such an eating habit, I will not have problems with skin, hair or nails because they suffer from a lack of proteins first. If I get enough proteins, I will then have no problems with low immunity.

One more key element is the consumption of carbohydrates that are essential for normal metabolism of fats and proteins in human body. Nevertheless, I get 159 out of 87 carbohydrates during my diet. These nutrients can be found in most candies, sweet baked goods, raisins, dates etc.

In conclusion, my diet has an important negative aspect that is the lack of calories. This can cause rapid fatigue, depression, and frequent hunger. Therefore, we need to plan our diet properly. We must consume sufficient caloric foods several times a day in small portions. Of course, we should avoid junk foods, and try to stick to healthy foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits. Proper nutrition plays a great role in our lives. With the decrease of the quality of products, we have to watch what we eat more intently in order to live long, healthy lives.



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