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The Cause of Schizophrenia in Young Adults (16 to 25). Custom The Cause of Schizophrenia in Young Adults (16 to 25) Essay Writing Service || The Cause of Schizophrenia in Young Adults (16 to 25) Essay samples, help

Schizophrenia is one of multifaceted illnesses. So far, the professionals have not been capable to tell an actual cause of this disease. However, some events may cause the disorder in people because of genes. That individual has the possibility to acquire schizophrenia through the inheritance from a family member with this disease. According to the research study conducted, it clearly has showed that young adults are the main victims of the disease. However, the disease even develops at an old age especially among women (Bhojraj, 2011). The disease is also linked to perception abnormalities of reality, which can apparent itself in a number of ways such as hallucinations, delusions, the auditory and cognitive functioning.

In the world, it is estimated that quite a large number of people suffer from schizophrenia, which is one of the leading causes of disabilities in the world. The research studies conducted have shown that the mental illness contributes to the biggest percentage of some world’s disabilities than what cancer holds. It is clear that this disorder affects all people, but with the disorder onset, it has been happening among young adults between the ages of 15 to 30 years. There are no direct links between the disorder and environmental conditions although the use of stress and drugs might worsen the symptom.

Schizophrenia affects human awareness. This makes it hard for a young adult to detect that something is going on wrong. The research study conducted in Australia has showed that more than 75% of students that had developed this mental illness fell under the ages of 18-24 years. Therefore, such a disorder has a profound effect on the lives of any young adult. It is recommended that an early diagnosis should be undertaken in order to treat it. This approach of the disease will prevent the illness progression (Rost, 2011). Again, it prevents a collateral damage in education, social life and the proper performance in a vocational functioning. Schizophrenia has a capacity of reducing the lifespan of a person for nearly 10 years in average. The research has also shown that in a family when there is one grandparent with the disorder there is a 3 % likelihood of a family member developing the disorder10 % if one parent has the disorder while the risk hikes up to 40 % if both parents have the disorder. These are among the linked causes of this disorder

According to a research conducted on victims with brain, injury showed that out of  a sample size of 507 persons who had a brain injury. There were records of 0.7 to 9 % rates of Schizophrenia. This recorded a cumulative mean of 3.5%.Research has shown that there is a tendency of 0.8% of the sampled population to development schizophrenia in the ages of 16 to 25 years.

The secret behind fighting schizophrenia is by ensuring that the disease has been detected and treated early to prevent its progression. Therefore, some proper nursing techniques are essential. The first step is determined for educating students on the mental illness and the need to seek the medical treatment. It is noteworthy to provide some incentives to those students responding to surveys in line with the disease. For example, funding all mental programs in the education centers’ approach will make sure that they are standing in a front line in the prevention of such issues as suicide among the youth.

The other nursing approach is ensuring that education centers such as universities have developed some mental health policies. They are aimed at ensuring that students adjust to these education centers life. These institutions should also ensure that students have received the mental health awareness and acquired the necessary assistance in order to lead a stress free life. This process can be enhanced through students’ councilors, doctors and nurses in these institutions. The culture should be developed that ensures that mental health disorders such as schizophrenia recognized, but not being stigmatized. This will make students feel valued and encouraged to seek the medical attention in order to have a normal life like others than shying away from the medical treatment (Hooley, 2013).

Finally, it is clear that a person can enter in an ethical nursing research about schizophrenia. The suitable consent concerning whether schizophrenia patients are in a good position of giving out competent consent, which is one of the crucial areas in the ethical vagueness. Therefore, for any consent to bear fruits, the person receiving it must capture the information given out clearly and use it to make some decisions. This will also help them to determine whether to conduct the research or not. The schizophrenia research is complex as it is hard to fetch the information from people with the disorder.

The Cause of Schizophrenia in Young Adults (16 to 25). Custom The Cause of Schizophrenia in Young Adults (16 to 25) Essay Writing Service || The Cause of Schizophrenia in Young Adults (16 to 25) Essay samples, help

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