What Management Is

Management in an organization is the process of getting people to work together in a team with an aim of achieving set goals and targets in an organization. Management makes use of the available resources it focuses on efficient allocation of resources, planning, staffing, directing, and controlling a group of people working together with the aim of attaining a set goal. Management is stratified in to three levels in most organizations ranging from low level management to high level management. The strata’s classification is in the chain of command of authority, each strata of management performs different task from the other strata (Mejia, et al 2008).

The managers play different roles in the organization of a business to ensure that the organization goals achievement in the most appropriate and cost efficient manner. Managers must posses certain attributes that suit them to play the different roles in an organization. Managers must possess interpersonal skills this is because they coordinate and interact with the employees. They must be informed of the happenings of an organization as well as the external environment that affects the organization either directly or indirectly. This is because their role entails handling, analyzing and sharing information. They must be diagnostic and decisive people since the role requires their ability to analyze situations and their capability to make swift decisions (Mejia, et al 2008). .

The following is an interview with the Manager of XYZ Company the manager has worked with the company for about five years. He has seen the company grow from its initial stages to its current state where the company is making windfall profits. The company is specializing in the making of luxury brand and cosmetics. As a result of its services, and the high quality services in the market, the company has gained popularity with the people both locally and internationally. As the interviewer, I once worked with the company during my school course internship, and then had to resume college. I have an interest in coming up with my own company in the same product line. Thus, why I have taken this time to have a word with the manager. I look forward to have an established company such as Ice-Fili Company in Russia that is thriving internationally in the same line of products. Johnson is the interviewer, and the manager is the interviewee.



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