Interview with the Manager

This is a face to face interview with the manager in his office.

Manager: Good morning Johnson?

Johnson: Good morning to you Boss.

Manager:  Thank you for showing up in time as scheduled in the appointment letter  Iam happy to have you.

Johnson:  Thank you sir, it is such an honor to have let me have the interview with you. I much appreciate the sacrifice you have made from your tight schedule. I would also wish to commend you and the entire management team on the work that you are doing for this company; I was here two years ago when I was on my undergraduate degree field internship. I can attest that the company is faring much better than when I left. The company has expanded physically as I can see from the structure and the resources available; the number of workers has also grown tremendously. What is the secret of the company success?

Manager: Thank you for the compliment, we as the management are also happy for the gradual growth and development that the company is experiencing overtime. The major step to the company success was restructuring the company organization and management. The management was reshuffled, and some of the old management lay off on the basis of non performance.

Johnson: Okay that was brilliant. What was your definition of a non performing worker? When I left the company, every body concentrated on doing what they did best. We were comfortable with the company output, and all the 2workers were comfortable with the job rewards.

Manager: I agree with you Johnson that the company was doing well, and everybody was comfortable with the output of the company, however, the success of the company is relative. A company measures its success against it set the bench mark. When we came in as the new management, we revised the goals of the company. Everything had to be done differently, thus most of the initial employees would not fit in the devised category of the job description again the company required people who would carry the mission of the company at heart.

Johnson: What is the biggest challenge in recruitment and what is your role in the process? How else would you modify your role if you could change?

Manager:  That is a brilliant question for any aspiring manager Johnson. The recruitment procedure is of key importance to the success of any company. To begin with the company management must first understand the task to be undertaken by employees. This helps to identify the qualification criteria that the successful applicant must meet. The biggest challenge is selecting the employees on merit, many a times the employees tie in the qualifications score card. The managers must never compromise their goal they must remain objective. An employee must be unique and bring value addition to the company. XYZ limited also gives priority to young and brilliant employees because we believe they have more value addition to the company than advanced employees in age. The young generation is also conversant with the changes in technology which is the backbone of the success of any company.

Johnson: That is exceedingly incited; I had not given the recruitment procedure much weight in terms of its contribution to the company. Do you consciously think about how you motivate your employees or do you try and motivate?  What would you improve your own leadership and motivational skills?

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Manager: We count our human capital as a great asset to XYZ Inc; thus we give all our employees competitive salaries. There are also tokens for all employees who extemporary perform in their scheduled task. At the end of every year, we organize a company end year party where all the employees unwind and socialize far from work. The company also offers the employees work leaves to allow them time to relax and break the monotony from work. Personally, I look forward to improving my leadership skills by interacting more with my junior staff and senior staff to ensure that their issues are handled well in the course of their service to the company.

Johnson: Good I feel that is what the company lacked when I worked here previously. As the employees, we feared the management and we also did not have a platform to air employees own views. The worst came when the management tried to enforce changes in the organization without employee’s prior notice, and most of the changes were not geared to our success or benefit. How does the management encourage employees to accept and embrace changes in the work environment such as new software, policies, or procedures?

Manager: A company can adjust effectively to keep up with the changes in demand and tasks of the employees and workers. The management of the change process is crucial to the success of a company. Change must be clearly defined, considered and approved before implementation. As a company, we focus on developing a strategy for change that addresses change in the company process level also on the employees’ level. Proper and careful preparation of all the stakeholders in the company for anticipated change is, and the ability to overcome the barriers to change is essential to successful change management.

Johnson: How does your organization provide any on-going professional development activities for managers such as financial support for conferences or seminars, tuition-reimbursement?  How valuable is that in your own career development?  What would you like your company to offer that it currently does not? What kinds of activities do you find are most influential in improving your management and leadership skills at this point in your career?

Manager: As mentioned earlier human capital is a key resource in the company. We understand that technology is changing vastly, hence the need to keep employees at per with the new developments in technology. We have several professional development activities that the company employs. At the recruitment stage, all the new entrants’ employees go through a rigorous training for two months on ways and how to operate the company's system. From time to time, we organize trainings, workshops and seminars to keep the employees up to date with the most job developments and emerging issues.

As a manager is a role model to most of my junior staff in a way or the other and I look forward to personal development. I have taken courses in management to offer insight in the field of management. I also look forward to a participatory leadership where employees feel part of the decision making process. Managers are only sign post to offer guidance and not dictators. At this point in time, I think interpersonal skills are key to improving personal leadership skills in management. I hope I have answered most of the issues in management that you wanted answered.

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Johnson: Thank you sir, for handling most of the issues I had, am wiser than I came. I look forward to interacting with you sir, you are an inspiration tome. Thank you for your time sir. 


Management is a dynamic field in the success of any company. Managers play a key role in the success of the company thus the performance of a company is highly embeds on the skills of management.

The management must ensure that the issues of the employees are well looked into. This is by giving them competitive allowances in reward of their efforts, motivating them through gifts and moral support (Mejia, et al 2008).  As well as participatory leadership where they are part of the decision making process. Managers must also lead by example.

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