Turnaround Management


Several steps can be undertaken to turn around a failing division in a company. The focus should be on motivating and re-training the divisions' employees. The first step I would take to turn around a company is to conduct a review and an assessment of the current situation. In order to turnaround the division, it is imperative to comprehend entirely the initial situation. This would be help find out what is effectivein the division and what is not. I would achieve this through objectively gathering data in to help in the review of the division's position, to establish the causes and to grasp the direct effects of the problems affecting the division.Even though it is clear that generally, the division is deteriorating,some elements within will be working fairly well and should be retained.


Fixing the communication adversarial would be the second order of business. I would start the process by introducing myself to the employees in the division letting them know why I am confident the division will be successful. During the meeting, I will ask them about the previous successes of the division and how we can take the division back to that period. I would let them know that I consider them as the authorities in the division and as such they are the main supply of ideas for turning around the division. I will invite them to call or write to me, signed or not, concerning their thoughts on what works and what does not alongside their ideas on how to fix the issues.I will also inform them that they can register their disagreements with me since for us to work as a team we will have to be honest to each other, tolerate criticism, and accept praise. This is vital since a divisional failure results in muffledcommunication due to mistrust (Adair, and Bruce, 1994). Employees feel disregarded and managers feel that workersdo not care. At a period when the two sides ought to be runningjointly, they charge each other fully for their shared failures.


The second undertaking is turning the product line around and increasing the staff participation. An outdated product line that is loosing its market share is an indication that consumers do not want the division product. Several factors could be at play here. The division's product could be outdated, lacking in quality, unreasonably priced, or it is just being marketed to the wrong audience.I would make sure to seek to address myself to these issues and determine them immediately. I would callfor meeting by marketing, advertising and sales executives within their departments to determine the root of this problem. Once each department has made its determinations, I will hold a meeting to discuss them. On the bases of the conclusion of the mission, we would adjust the product line. I would even encourage employees to use the changed product and give a feedback on it. This would not only help the employees find effective solutions for the product it would also save the division the expenditure on "test marketing." This would also aid in uniting management and staff.

Corporate Alignment

I would not, exceptif the findings of the initial step indicate a need, inevitablytransform the organization of the division. Manychanges commissioned by a new manager in the corporate organization can isolate employees (). Thus, changes would affect the way things are done and who is in charge of what but I would make sure to maintain the underlying system. By retaining the stability of the old system while adding enthusiasmby introducing new duties and communication tools, the division will experience a sense of impetus and drive.

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Finally, on the basis of the outcome of product line review, I would consult with the CEO about a new marketing campaign for the new market line. I would use what we found out regarding what needs to be done and why to convince the CEO that the division needs funding to unveil the fresh products. I would explain the financial benefits projected should the products takeoff and our outlook that the product is tailored for the market. I would also point out the spending reduction occasioned by the termination of the prior products could be utilized to unveil new ones.


The market definitely is the final determiner of the realization of this plan. However, through effective communication, increased employee participation and drive, constant improvements in the division will and maintenance of standards the division will improve the prospects of success.

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