HRM Features for Employment Development


Education, training and developments are the main features to enhance the employment skills in one's life. Training is necessary to develop the employment competencies which are closely related to our jobs. All employees working in business must be educated and trained to make more competent in dealing with the more diverse workforce and customers in organizations. Employment training is further divided into two subgroups of diversity training and equity training. These two factors are not separate but combined into a human resource development.

Adult training and education in business is much necessary to develop their skills making the progress in their life as well as business. Computer training enables us to make more progress in business using the advanced software. Computer skills are more helpful to use the best business software. Human resource management makes necessary to get the knowledge about the business applications developed in modern languages. These business applications require the skilled persons to use them with appropriate results.

For an employee in business must understand the objectives of education and training and related opportunities. The need of training and development also develops the sense to improve the personal skills and guarantees the long term employability. Other elements include the cognitive knowledge. Cognitive knowledge determines the use of available information with a strategic approach in an organization. Cognitive knowledge is also achieved through the training programs. Training plays a strategic role in the employment development because business strategies are linked with the training.


In this paper we have searched the main features of human resource management to build the employment. Out of these features the education and training are discussed in this paper with details of their impacts on organization's business. Information Technology is also compulsory to gain the modern computer skills in field of business.



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