Retention ability is one feature that is lacking in modern organizations. The human resource department, which is responsible for the recruitment procedure look out for many features in a candidate yet fail to test how retainable they are. In the nursing industry, retention is an important feature that managers have to achieve at facilitating. The hospital industry requires people of skill and who can be trusted by patients for a longer period of time. The duty of nurses is based more on human virtues rather than simply a duty. They need to display a positive attitude as they attend to patients due to their fragile and helpless nature. The nursing industry is not more about performing a duty to entice customers their way; it is all about doing what is required which will be displayed on the outcome. What will attract patients to a healthcare center is the report of the good services being provided, this can not be cultivated if the management keeps changing the workforce (Manion, 2004). The goodwill of a health care center is built over a long period of time. Building such an attitude among clients will only be possible if the management develops a culture of motivating the nurses.

Manion, in her research about the factors that influence the retention capability of a health care organization found out that nurse managers had a vital role to play. In her study of health care centers across United States, she observed that it is the attitude that is displayed by the managers which will affect their subordinates. Most nurses that changed their working environment related it to their managers who were only aimed at making orders and not really appreciating their efforts. A manager who elevates clients above the workforce will end up losing them all. They fail to realize that it is the nurses who are in direct contact with the patients and hence contributing more to the success of the organization. The HR is to consider retention in their recruitment exercise (Manion, 2004). This will enable them have a workforce that will be willing to be trained efficiently and be given an environment that will encourage them to stay. Managers have the ability to influence the attitudes of the nurses by the leadership skills displayed. Manion suggests that the managers play a key role in leading as examples as well as defending the needs of the nurses.

Acquisition strategy

Acquisition is a strategy that may be used to pull resources of other companies into another company. Ts may be mainly due to its good performance and the fact that it has had a record retention. One of the ways of facilitating acquisition is by having record of a workforce that is motivated towards results. New employees find a cultural environment that motivates them to work harder. It is all about appetizing rewards, team work, a working environment that will provide them with challenges that will motivate them to develop their career skills and a management that appreciates their contribution. It will be easier fore management to attract and retain employees if the working environment offers them such advantages (Manion, 2004).

The availability of on older workforce gives them the courage and confidence that they require which will minimize on how much they need to supervise them. This will also those on the external environment that the company is taking good care of them and hence desiring to be part of the team. The management will also not have to look for other people outside the organizations to replace retired managers. They are able to celebrate their own and have the surety that they will work in towards the objectives of the organization. Such an environment will also affect all the new recruits who will be overpowered by the already existing culture.

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