NCO's Leadership Performances


Leadership within an organization is factor that affects the quality of services delivery by employees. The success of any strategy in an institution is highly dependent on the participation of all employees. Appropriate coordination of various responsibilities by the management in a bid to implement the formulated strategies helps a company to attain the desired goals. Effective management practices facilitate the establishment of a good working environment. This is because good working environment makes employees to have job satisfaction and thus concentrate on their respective duties. Consequently the quality of the service delivered by individual employees improved (Hiatt & Creasey, 2003). Most of the management studies carried out have concentrated on the impacts of top management on a company's performance. This study is aimed at ascertaining the effect of leadership in an organization's performance.    

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The respondents to this study were ten male soldiers who were members of the Alpha Battery, 2nd Platoon. Out of the ten soldiers, 6 were ranked specialists while the remaining 4 were privates. These soldiers had ages between 21 and 31 years. That is, the first five respondents had ages 21, 22, 23, 30, and 31 while two of them were 24 years old while the remaining three were 26 years old.  The sample picked was relevant to the study because they both worked under a single team leader. The age range of those interviewed was also relevant to the study because it encompassed views of the experienced and those that were new in the job. Further, the inconsistency that may have resulted from interviewing people of the same age and thus similar opinions was avoided.


A questionnaire having ten items which required the respondents to answer by agreeing (yes) or disagreeing was administered. Before the research was carried out, permission was sought from the commander in charge of the Alpha Battery 2nd platoon situated in Hawaii 3/7-FA Schofield Barracks. Soldiers were then informed of the date of the interview.  Further, respondents were informed that participation was on a voluntary basis and that confidentiality would be observed. Soldiers were suited for the study because of the nature of their job. That is, their duties are entirely dependent on the orders given by their team leaders. Further, soldiers work under the supervision of a team leader for a long time period.

The interview was carried out on 2nd of February 2011 as from 0830 GMT. Collection of data involved the interviewer having a one on one interaction with the respondents. Respondents were interviewed in private offices in a bid to observe confidentiality and ensure that participants did not influence responses from other respondents. Each respondent answered the ten items in the questionnaire. The filled questionnaires were color coded in order to differentiate the response from specialists and privates.   


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80 % of those interviewed indicated sufficient information in relation to the unit's plans and missions regularly availed. They also indicated that they are sufficiently trained for their duties. In relation to leader's relationship with respondents, 80% indicated that they are respected, understood, cared for and adequately helped. 70% indicated that their work environment was good while all respondents felt that they were treated with courtesy and respect. In relation to risk evaluation, only 6 of the 10 respondent indicated that cautions and warnings related to the job are emphasized. 


Based on the obtained results, it is clear that the team leaders of the Alpha Battery, 2nd platoon effectively communicated with members as far as duties and responsibilities was concerned. Further, the team leader ensured that the team member's knowledge and skills was up to date with the provision of sufficient training for the job. This is important because it helps employees to adequately prepare for the said duties. Training is also a form of motivation to employees. Quality employees service delivery is improved through training and adequate preparation which is facilitated by the availability of necessary information related to the job.

By spending time with junior employees when required while treating with respect and curtsey makes them fill appreciated. Further, listening and responding appropriately to the concerns of the junior employees makes them identify with the company. This is important because it encourages the employees to participate in formulation of strategies aimed at making the company grow. Understanding employees' problems encourages them to discuss various difficulties encountered within the work environments. Consequently, this helps the management to identify the areas that need to be changed. Helping employees solve their problem helps employees to spend most of their time executing the desired duties.

As results, the quality of delivered services is improved. The collected data indicated that slightly over 50% of the employees were well informed of the warning and cautions associated with their jobs. This indicated that employees were not adequately informed of the risks involved with their job. This exposes employees to various dangers and this may compromise the quality of service delivered by individuals. However, generally employees indicated that they were satisfied with their leader and were comfortable with the work environment. This indicated that employees had job satisfaction and this facilitated the delivery of high quality services.

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Effective leadership practices help a company to implement important strategies. This helps improve service delivery thus gaining customer loyalty. Consequently, the revenue collected by the company is increased while the reducing the production cost. Therefore, through effective leadership a company increases its profit margins.

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