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Data management is an essential component for efficient functioning of any organization. Data management helps in the preparations of plans that can be used by a company. Managing data helps one to access it easily and data planning checklist will comprise of the target data user, duration of time that it will be retained, size of data that will stored, where and when to publish  data among others.   

There are several constituents of too much data. Tapes which are 100% are usually not copied easily they are limited to 95% capacity, tapes which have too much data usually have  limited ability to provide a label of its descriptive content, tapes become difficult to manage when they have too much data which is not related (Cairns, 2010). Too much data leads to memory lack issues and also lack of existence. On the other hand too little data causes lack of uniqueness it might also mean there is no adequate dependence on continuous data.

It is reasonable to have the right amount of data and varies with system that one uses but the fundamental issue is to be organized. This will provide the appropriate follow-up so as to avoid losing customers. In some cases the management is usually provided with voluminous data entailing all the activities of a company, although this information is valuable to some extent but managers ought not to be fooled that the given statics is vital for the long term running of the company (Trembly, 2010).

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is being used currently in most of the organization. ICT is used to encourage transparency and ease of access to organization information for example, information systems of government agencies, libraries and laboratories can be can be accessed via the internet. At the same time both group wave's device and intranet have enabled the sharing information in the organization. Database and computer systems are also used in network technology in the matching of data.

The societal and organizational trends which affect data policy at the moment are the usage of data mining and data warehousing. They are the latest trends in information technology used for data analysis and also in the computing environment. Data warehousing consists of data gathered and later organized for it to be analyzed, extorted, synthesized and help in understanding the further. Data mining is done by using software and tools used by user who does not know what he is exactly searching it is mostly used for determining trends and patterns for example, to determine buying habits by analyzing customer sales information.

Effective data management requires consistency and integration when collecting data. Sustainable diligence, confidentiality and security are all required in the management of data. Organizations that have efficient data management usually begin in the data collection stage. Effective data management usually compels gathering of universal and reliable data that will satisfy and guarantee that it is relevant to all parties (Institute of Medicine, 2005).

Distributed data has the following advantages: it helps reduction of communication costs because data is usually located closer to where it is used, different system can be used to store data, information is processed fast distributed data has the following disadvantages multifaceted software are required for distributed database environment, data can be slow if it is not formulated correctly (Institute of Medicine, 2005).

Centralized data has the following advantages: server may be a machine that is custom-built which is tailored to Database Management Systems (DBMS) and it will give good results, database and processing of application can be done at the same time and one server machine can be accessed by different server machine. Its disadvantages include, data get corrupted if it not stored in the right way, and a server must have the capacity to accommodate more clients.

In a nutshell, data management not only comprises of data mining and data warehouse but it also comprises of data modeling, data warehousing, data movement, data administration. Effective data management helps an organization to have the right data and avoid having too much or too little data, which helps in the efficient working of a company.

Data Management. Custom Data Management Essay Writing Service || Data Management Essay samples, help

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