Three Easy Ways to Improve Time Management

Many students like me will agree that we have a lot of work both at school and at home with very little time to accomplish everything without compromising. Besides academic activities, we need enough time for other activities such as attending to family responsibilities, carrying out volunteer activities, and engaging in leisure activities. Therefore, effective management of the scarce time is a skill worth possessing as a student. In fact, researchers in the fields of education and social sciences concur that having time management skills is an effective way of guaranteeing self-regulation of time, stress reduction, increased self-awareness with regards to study habits, and increased self-efficacy among high school and college students (Sabha and Al-Assaf 116; DesJardins et al. 456; Garcia-Ros et al. 168). Today, I will inform you about three easy ways to improve time management as a student. Therefore, I want to tell you about the importance of planning, stress management, and evaluation in time management.

The first main point I want to discuss is planning. Planning entails making a list of your daily activities starting with the most to the least urgent. This can be done using a personal timetable, a scheduler or a personal computer, which allows you to fix timeframes and check off the activities that have been accomplished in a given day (Sabha and Al-Assaf 118; Garcia-Ros et al. 169). Therefore, planning is an effective way of managing time because it allows you to keep track of your daily activities. The second main point I would like to discuss is stress management. Here, it is important to note that you cannot accomplish anything when working under stress. Therefore, it is good to manage stress by getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating the recommended daily diet. This will ensure that you are energetic and healthy enough to handle all the tasks in your timetable.

Finally, I want to discuss the importance of evaluation in time management. Evaluation entails looking back at the end of each day and assessing whether you were able to accomplish all the activities in your to-do-list for that particular day (Desjardins et al. 458). This will ensure that you learn from mistakes in case there are activities that were not able to accomplish in a given day so that next time you can write down only those activities that fit into the available time. Now that I have told you about the significance of planning, managing stress, and evaluating your daily activities, I believe that you are now more informed about the three easy ways of improving time management as a student. In conclusion, it is very important to emphasize that time management is an effective way of improving performance, increasing self-awareness of your study habits, reducing stress, and increasing self-efficacy.



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