Effective Management Theories

I am writing this memo to inform you that everyone able to manage any organization through employing effective management theories. Within this business organization, we must focus on managing our finances, career, time, and employee relations.

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The above mentioned areas of managements should be fostered by all members within any given organization. Most importantly, when concepts of management are applied to organizations, it increases complexity. At this point, it becomes essential to study and understand the theoretical bases of management. In fact, it is appropriate to avoid unhealthy competition by doing what other companies do. This is because most mangers are judged by their organization’s performance. This is achievable when managers set standards, make decisions, integrate workgroups through coordination, and design the organization to improve their performance (Peter, 1993).

A part from focusing on other company’s ways of management, management by objective is a job appraisal system or a procedure by which an organization evaluates workers performance depending on the present standards. The major objective of appraisal is to assist managers improve productivity. The appraisal serves the purpose of showing workers how to make their performance better and setting targets for employees. This kind of management attempts to align the goals of the employees against the goals of the organization. Consequently, it makes sure that everyone knows his or her duties and the benefits this brings to the entire organization.  Employees acquire strong input to recognize their objectives, time limit to complete them among other important things.

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For example, Donaldson Company Inc. is an example of a company that laments the fragmentation of organizational theory in U.S. Donaldson identifies four major approaches to organization and management. The company uses classical approach through researching, planning of the work and the technical requirement of the organization. This has help Donaldson to understand the purpose of the organization. Additionally, through Frederick Taylor’s scientific management, the organization is capable of understanding its goal of productivity and efficiency, thus, improving management (Donaldson, 1995).  

Some of the theories I would apply as a manger, include the system theory that has significant effect on management science and understanding organizations. A system in this case is a collection of parts unified to accomplish a specific goal. The nature of the system changes following the removal of one part of the system (Katherine, 2006). As a manger, you must ensure that all parts of the system are intact. Since system has inputs such as raw materials, money, technologies, people, and involves processes such as planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling, the management must ensure that all the above out puts are properly utilized. Similarly, system must also have outputs like products and outcomes, which enhance the quality of production to the customers and the company’s productivity.

The other one is team-building approach, which emphasizes on value circles, best practices, and constant upgrading. This theory of management solely relies on teamwork and emphasizes on flattening of management pyramid through reducing the levels of hierarchy. Finally, all these theories focus on consensus management, which means involving more people at all levels in decision-making (Williams, 2011).

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I would like to conclude by stressing that it is important to note that management by objective is an organized and systematic procedure that ensures that management focuses on attainable goals and to achieve the optimal outcomes from the on hand resources. The managers involved centers on results as opposed to the activity. All the managers, therefore, should improve on strategic planning practice to progress the implementation of the plan and other performance systems, devised to aid the organization to remain focused (Pearl, 2012).

I am sure that you will improve on areas mentioned above wholeheartedly once you understand what the benefits are. I look forward to seeing management improve.

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