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Resources Development and Management


Ravi Behl is an organization based in India and it was started by Ravi Behl, a twenty five year old man who is a technology wizard. Ravi Behl’s work is to design websites and about one year ago, he developed the website known as the ‘’. This website encouraged many people to buy as well as sell second hand items ranging from electronics, household equipment, furniture and many others. The was just a simple innovation of Ravi Behl. He did not publicize the website but distributed it to many people through the use of flyers and utilized morning newspapers. The aim was to create awareness of his website to people including friends and relatives. The website sales started well during the last year. Ravi received many customers and responded to the phone calls and emails. Due to the increased work load, he appointed an executive assistant to help him. He recruited some people especially people of her age in order to create an informal working environment. However, during the growth phase of his business, some of his web designers resigned unexpectedly. Ravi is now facing difficulties in the business and he wants to recruit new employees. This is because he wants to increase sales in the next three years. He wants to recruit people on part time basis in order to keep overhead cost low but he worries on their commitment level in working a part time basis.


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Task 1

Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management (Shrm) in Ravi Behl’s Organization

Strategic human resource management (RHM) in an organization is significant. Nowadays, the HRM’s work is not just about employing people nor drafting work policies but also being able to rapidly respond to the desires of clients as well as that of their competitors. A good HRM should ensure that employees have met the needs of the customers. In order for the company to succeed, they should insist on superior customer service. This can be achieved through carrying out training programs which enable employees to achieve vital knowledge on how to serve customers better. Moreover, they should ensure that they understand the marketing trend because it will not only enable them to know more about the customer behaviors in the market but also understand a competitor movement. This will enable them to implement ways through which they will compete favorably in the market.

Furthermore, they should have a competitive advantage over their competitors. This is through implementing strategies that will help them to compete favorably with their competitors. For instance, they will train their employees in order to be acquainted with skills that will enable them to produce innovative goods of high qualities in the market. They will train their workers on the importance of using market mix such as products, prices, place and promotions. These are crucial because once the employees will utilize them in the competitive market. This will not only enable the company to improve their performance in the market but also compete with the competitors. Ghemawat (2008, p.1650) emphasizes that a carefully analyses and implemented human resource policies are crucial in an organization. This is because they will enable the HRM to obtain a high quality workforce thus allowing the organization to compete on the basis of market responsiveness, products, service quality and technological innovation.

Strategic HRM in an organization is significant because it leads to improvement in the overall employee motivation and productivity. HRM is supposed to motivate its employees and reward them in order to promote a better business performance. Additionally, playing a more vital role in an organization hierarchy as well creating an innovative environment is crucial. This is because it helps the company to produce more innovative products which are of high demand in the market. Nevertheless, the HRM should implement strategies that create flexibilities among the employees. This is because complicated strategies will ruin the performance of the business thus contributing to poor business performance.

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Purpose of SHRM in Ravi Behl’s Organization

Human resource management (HRM) plays vital roles in an organization. Ravi would develop a working force environment that would meet the changing or dynamic organizational challenges. This is through implementing strategies that will promote effective employees retention in the working environment. Ravi can provide rewards and ensure their employees are well protected by insuring them. Moreover, Ravi can scale up organizational performance through a variety of experiences. This is through engaging employees in active performance in the organization. Changing or transforming the mindset of employees hence creating an effective working environment. This will enable Ravi to work effectively thus attaining a better business growth.

The HRM should implement or employ strategies as well as come up with skills necessary for competitive advantage for their competition (Rad 2006, p. 621). Additionally, proper strategies will help Ravi Behl to improve in business performance and fosters an innovative environment as well as create flexibility among employees. Unique strategies will make employees to perform varied roles as well as run a fairly sophisticated simulation against their competitors. Additionally, the HRM should implement policies as well as set objectives that should be met in an organization. Without policies and clear mission and vision, the organization would not perform better. This is because policies are crucial because they will govern employees within Ravi’s organization. Consequently, the mission and vision will direct the organization towards achieving the stated goals. Additionally, the policies will enable the entire staff members to stick to the policies of the organization and policies should not be flexible and should aim at better organizational performance.

Contribution of SHRM in Achieving Ravi Behl’s Organization’s Objectives

            In order for Ravi Behl’s company to achieve his organizational objectives effectively, the HRM will employ better communication processes. It will facilitate employee dialogue and feedback. Effective communication process within an organization is significant because it enables employees to pass information from one department to another. Ravi would effectively ensure that communication is made faster from the lower level to a higher level as well as to customers. Another contribution of SHRM is training measures whereby the RHM would be required to ensure that a day is set for training activities. This is crucial because it will enable the HRM to determine the way training activities would be carried out within the company. Lastly, there is a need for proving effectiveness and efficiency of HR for quality perspective. This is imperative because it will enable the company to find out if it is working towards attaining their goals. Moreover, the HR would need to calculate and maximize the Return on Investment (RIO) on its organization’s recruitment. This is done though identifying clear definitions of the intended results to be achieved from recruitment (Chew and Chong 2000, p. 1033).

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Task 2

Business Factors That Underpin Human Resource Planning in Ravi Behl’s Organization

Exponential growth path is one of the factors that underpin HR planning in Ravi Behl’s company. Exponential growth within an organization will require HR planning. Planning is vital because it will enable the HRM to plan for the scarce resources available. Ravi Behl’s company is exponentially growing thus encouraging the HRM to plan on the available resource in order to meet the company’s objectives effectively. Additionally, cost effectiveness is another factor which will underpin HR planning. Ravi Behl would recruit employees who have adequate skills because they will work competitively thus producing more demanding products. Skilled employees will enable the company to work successfully thus competing favorably with their competitors. Having the talent of performing a certain work is vital because it will reduce the cost associated in production process.

Due to the technological challenges, the HRM in the company needs to plan for better organizational performance. With the increased technology across the globe, new products are now superseding the old ones thus new technologies are utilized in order to produce new products. Some products are technologically obsolete because of the changes in corresponding products making the old products unnecessary. Therefore, planned obsolesce will be necessary because it will generate long term sales through reducing the time between the repeated purchases. Since competition is challenging and fierce in the market, HRM should make a plan on how to carry out effective business or introduce business models which are easily replicated. This will contribute to effective competition with the competitors in Ravi Behl’s organization.

The favorable government regulation of India is another factor that supports the HR Planning. Due to political stability, HR planning is effective hence business is carried out effectively. Moreover, acquisition and retention of skilled talent is the underlying factor underpinning HR planning. Due to the loss of revenues due to vacant skilled positions, Ravi Behl will be required to retain and acquire skilled and talented employees, thus a better business performance. Lastly, Ravi Behl would be required to plan well because of low inventory the carrying cost in his company and well as enable his business to thrive in a wider business network. Better planning will enable the company to move towards more inventory carrying cost.

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Human Resource Requirements in the Organization

            In order for Ravi Behl to achieve the anticipated busies growth in 3 years, there is the need to focus on HR planning. This is vital because it will enable Ravi to recognize the present as well as the past HR organizational needs to attain their objectives. Therefore, when planning, talent acquisition, development and retention should be taken into consideration. This is because planning is a process thus the organization will include training program in the plan. This will enable the organization to develop, gain and retain employees who are well talented in web designing work and other management activities.

            The HRM should develop system and processes within the organization that will enable them to meet their objectives. Therefore, the company will develop Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which will guide them towards attaining their goals. A SOP is a detailed written document showing the necessary steps or activities of a particular planning procedure for achieving uniformly a specific function. Moreover, the HRM would build or strengthen the HR team. Building or strengthening the team in an organization is crucial. This is because a strong team that works together or share responsibilities effectively will achieve the stated objectives of the company. Team building is significant because it necessitates better decision making, thus Ravi Behl will attain growth within the 3 years.

            The organization would formulate policies and build a brand for their company. Formulating effective policies in an organization is vital (Chew and Chong 2000, p.1032). This is because it will act guidelines to the effective performance of the company. Furthermore, an organization without clear policies would not perform better thus policies will govern the stuff members, thus a successful performance. Moreover, the building a brand for the company will enable them to achieve their stated objectives. This is because creating a brand for the company will enable them to thrive in the market faster. Consequently, through the brand, they will gain more customers for their services thus increasing sales and expanding the company in terms of growth.

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Lastly, the HR would create a culture of performance or cost effectiveness. In order for Ravi Behl to achieve their intended goals and expand their business, a culture of performance would be required. Teo, Lakhani, Brown and Malmi (2008, p. 660) point out that creating a culture committed to organizational growth does not happen once. Thus, the Ravi Behl would be required to build strong leadership and create team support. Creating a culture performance would be carefully done because the actions of leader may impact the cost effectiveness as well as the performance of the staff members. Thus, the HRM would build a corporate culture which correlated to the performance level the company may want to achieve.

Human Resources Plan for an Organization




Year-2 Year-3
HR Planning

Number of

people to recruit



35 25
Talent Acquisition Place and time of obtaining talent

Organization will employ costs effective method in carrying out recruitment

It will focus internal and external recruitment

Shortfall in the number of workers to be recruited

Talent Retention Employee Bonding Providing employees rewards


Promoting organizational culture



Carrying out training programs


Talent Development/Succession Plan Grooming Leaders Training employees Learning to or investigating workers’ behaviors Promoting successful worker

Table 1 indicating HR plan

Ways Human Resources Plan Can Contribute to Meeting an Organization’s Objectives

Human resources plan can contribute to organizational objectives in varied ways. First, the HR plan can create value and deliver better results. This will enable the company to achieve their intended goals. The work of the HR is to build a competitive organization thus they employ strategic management in resource planning to enable the organization to perform successfully. Although, they play various roles in an organization, HR planning is vital because it contributes to a better profitability. This is because better HR plan will deliver results thus creating organizational change. Secondly, HR plan can enable the organization to determine the number of the employee to recruit who can align with the available. For instance, the above table indicates the HR plan when they are planning about the number of employees to recruit. Lastly, the HR plan contributes greatly in talent development or succession plan. HR managers create talent development through proper planning and this will help them to identify or investigate successful leaders amongst the workers. Moreover, they can plan on the way of carrying out training programs as indicated in table 1 above. This will enable them to retain employees who are talented in the working place.

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The Purpose of Human Resource Management Policies in Ravi Behl’s Organization

Human resource management policies play varied roles in Ravi Behl’s organization. First, the policies set expectations of the company in order to achieve their stated goals. According to Burkardt, Whittaker and Phadrea (2006, p. 1311), HRM policies enable organizations to meet the set objectives. A company would not achieve their set objectives in case they do not have policies. Thus, policies act as a guideline for directing the company towards achieving their goals successfully. Additionally, HRM policies inculcate a sense of discipline. Policies in the Ravi Behl will enable all the staff members to be disciplined thus working towards attaining their goals. Therefore, policies will govern as well as inculcate a sense of discipline among the employees.

HRM policies in the organization will create consistency and fairness perspective. Policies will create regularities as well as enable workers to be treated equally. Policies enable employees to carry out activities effectively thus meeting the obligations of the company. Moreover, HRM policies will enable workers to adhere to legal norms as well as comply to regulations effectively. Actually, an organization will not perform better if it does not have set laws. Therefore, the purpose of the HRM policies is to guide employee towards better compliance and adhering to legal norms of the organization.

The HRM policies build trust in the organization. This is vital because policies will enable the company to create trust of one another. Building trust within an organization contributes to better performance of the organization. For instance, the certified accounting policies will enable the accountants in Ravi Behl’s company to work diligently without causing fraud. Thus, policies will enable not only accountants but also other workers to be trustworthy in the organization. Moreover, the HRM policies are guideline eligibility document which benefits employees and it outlines permissible as well as acceptable behaviors in an organization. They are punitive actions for non acceptant behaviors. Policies in the Ravi Behl company would be set in a way that benefits all the employees. The policies benefit all workers because there are some set of rules that favor employees. Thus, policies are set in order to enable to employee to work diligently and in case of any problem, those policies will benefit them whenever necessary.

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They outline the employee grievance handling process. Policies are crucial in the organization because they outline the procedure for handling injustice or employees complaints. In case an employee has any complaint in an organization, the set policies are used in handling the issue. Mostly, in many organizations policies are set and all members are given to clarify if the policies suit everyone. The policies favor everyone and they are flexible thus in case of any problem within the working place, those policies are used in grievance handling process. Lastly, the purposes of HRM policies are meant for employees’ protection when they escalate issues. Employees may raise an issue in an organization thus the set policies are used to protect them in case the organization does not comply with their needs.

Impact of Regulatory Requirements on Human Resources Policies in Ravi Behl’s Company

When setting policies in an organization, the regulatory norms and requirements by the federal regulations on a particular state are incorporated in the HR policies. However, these authoritarian policies may impact the RM policies of a particular organization. Sometimes, the federal government may require the organization to set the minimum wages, working hours, overtime payments and well as the leave policy. This may impact the policies of an organization in one way or another. For instance, the Ravi Behl which is a small company may be impacted in case some of the federal regulations may be incorporated in the HM policies. This is because the company may analyze their operating production thus may determine the payment which they will pay their workers. However, the federal regulations may have a definite impact on the set HR policies. This is because the terms of payment agreed upon with the employees may vary with the regulatory requirements of the state.

Impact of Organizational Structure on the Management of Human Resources in Ravil Behl’s Company

            Organizational structure refers to the people who are organized and this varies from one organization to another. The Ravil Behl is a small organization, which has fewer layers of management. The company manager takes control in a wider range of activities. The company was started by Ravil Behl and he employed some people when the business started growing. However, some of them left resigned from the job thus the organization has fewer employees. Many organizations have the lower, middle and the top level. However, this kind of structure may impact an organization in the way it utilizes its resources for achieving their objectives. Thus, accompany needs to keep its structure dynamic in order to respond to those things that impact them (Burkardt, Whittaker and Phadrea 2006, p. 1309). Thus, a well-structured organization can be able to survive in case the organization is well structured.

Impact of Organizational Culture on the Management of Human Resources in Ravi Behl’s Company

            Culture is one of the fundamental aspects in an organization. It is a common pattern of behavior, norms and beliefs of the members within an organization. Culture helps to shape the way organization members respond to the internal as well as the external environment (Yavas and Rezayat, 2004). Culture may severely impact the organization in case it is not taken into consideration. The HR in Ravi Behl would need to emphasize the importance of culture. In case to create an organization culture that promotes innovation, the HR should carry out training programs, reward employees based on performance and create team development. The culture of accompany may impact the outcomes of employees the HR may support culture. This will enable him to elicit those behaviors necessary for achieving the desire results. Moreover, it is always worthwhile to employ cultural changes progressively in order to create transition without impacting the objectives of the company. This is in case the business plan does not work out effectively thus cultural changes are significant in the organization.    

Monitoring of Effectiveness of Human Resources Management in Ravi Behl’s Organization

            Effective monitoring of HRM in Ravi Bely Company is crucial because it will enable the company to make changes where necessary. Therefore, monitoring would be carried out on different activities. For instance, the HR would be required to monitor the training activities carried out in the organization. This is through determining the percentage of employees provided with the training and how many times they have been trained. It will include the expenditure per employee as well as the budget for each employee. The time taken, costs, revenue contract can be reviewed now and then. This is crucial because it will enable the company to make the necessary budget for the training programs aligning to the expenditure and company production. This is because training is costly and if not well budgeted for her.

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            Monitoring would be carried out to determine the salary cost ratios. This will be aligned to the production cost for each employee thus the company would base their salary costs per worker and the percentage of revenue. This is crucial because employees will benefit from the percentage of base salary costs. Additionally, performance management would be reviewed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly. This would be assessed in terms of their performance basing on the production yields of each employee. When assessing the performance, it is crucial to monitor workforce planning. This would be done though assessing the service length for each employee thus better planning in business.

            Monitoring of functional budgets and staff turnover should be done. Monitoring of functional budget should be done especially their voluntary, full time and part time as well as the involuntary turnover would be monitored. Additionally, HR function budget per worker should be carried out. The payroll percentage as per revenue and per employee would be carried out. This will enable the company to adjust payment and revenues thus better organizational performance. Lastly, monitoring would be carried out on recruitment activities in order to determine the cost spent on recruitment activities. Monitoring of recruitment cost would be done to all employees recruited including senior managers, professional staff members, secretarial and even clerical officers.

Recommendations to Improve the Effectiveness of Human Resources Management in Ravi Behl’s Organization

In order for Ravi Behl Company to achieve better performance and their stated objectives, HR managers should focus on the strengths that promote effective HR management. One way of improving effectiveness is that HRM should plan its work. Planning is essential and the major significant factor that will contribute to success management in an organization. Another way of improving effective HRM is that should be more effective in their work. This is crucial because it will help them to eliminate weaknesses that may hinder better performance of the company. Moreover, it is recommendable for managers to organize their workload and aim towards achieving the stated objectives.

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HR should make better decisions and communicate effectively in an organization. Proper decision making will enable them to manage organization well. It recommendable for managers to ensure that the organization function well and this is achieved through proper decision made in the planning process. Additionally, effective communication in an organization is significant because it will enable HRM to mange organization well. Poor performance of the company is a hindrance to organizational performance. Thus managers should learn how to communicate effectively in order to avoid organizational threats that may arise in the organization (De Pablos 2005, p. 14). Moreover, they should communicate about culture because it may impact on an organization if not well communicated.

Lastly, it is recommendable for managers to reduce costs in the organization through minimizing long-term costs. This can be achieved through responsible restructuring. According to Marsh and McLennan (2011), responsible restructuring directs an organization toward the success especially during the challenging period. This is especially during an economic crisis within an organization. The cost reduction measures recommendable should be implemented in order to achieve the long-term objectives. Moreover, the HRM should gather the necessary data which will help them to perform effective assessment of the cost structure. Thus, monitoring and evaluation will be done periodically to enable the company to achieve their objectives successfully.


In conclusion, human resource management in Ravi Behl Company is vital because it contributes to a better performance of the organization. Ravi Behl is an organization based in India and it was started by Ravi Behl, a web designer. Ravi carries out wed designing activities but he has not publicized them. Ravi Behl is faced with challenges of recruiting employs who will work part time. In this company, strategic human resource management (SHRM) plays a significant role in better performance of the company. The SHRM is noteworthy because it fosters an environmental innovation, improves member of staff’s motivation and employs strategies which are vital in an organization. The HRM retains and rewards employees and carries out other functional activities within the organization. They employ strategies that align with the organizational objectives. Moreover, SHRM provides a better contribution in the organization which may enable the company to achieve their objectives. Some factors underpin HR planning such as exponential growth, technological challenge and regulations of India. HR planning contributes to meeting organizational objectives. The purpose of HRM policies were analyzed. Additionally, it analyzed the impact of organizational culture and structure in the management of HR in Ravi Behl organization. It provided monitoring of effective HRM on some activities as well as provided recommendations. Lastly, the conclusion summarized the work analyzed in the case study of Ravi Behl organization.



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