Successful Project Management

Project management is a process which is intended to achieve certain intentions through a careful plan with specific time schedules that ensure a manager organizes, secures and utilizes provided resources. Normally, projects are short term thus perceived to be temporary alongside main and established activities of an organization. The main activities are repeated daily and therefore, form the essence of the organization thus commonly referred to as “business as usual”.

The defining factor of a project is the time constraint and funding/ specified budgets ( Under most circumstances, the budget and regulation of resources is what determines the pace at which the time scheduled is followed. The nature of “business as usual” against projects requires that a distinction is made within the organization. This is in terms of manpower separation, segregation of specific skills and distinct strategies applied in management and supervision. The project management lifecycle has four main stages which are the initiation, planning, execution and closure.

On visiting, there is specific literature dealing with writing an excellent proposal that is brief and straight to the point. Apparently, proposals precede projects thus have three stages which are:

  • Preliminary research of the subject of reference.
  • Preparation to writing.
  • The eventual writing.

The research can either be through pre-existing literature in libraries but, some projects would require the proposal research to be field oriented for accuracy. This is considered in ever changing environments or fields. A writer should have a clear intent to have his proposal as the best thus preferred among similar submissions. This can be achieved through considering all fields required as well as having all the content required available at the start of a write up. Clarity and accuracy are vital in writing the contents. It is critical to have one’s proposal which gives a clear representation of what is found or expected on the ground.



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